Sunday, June 14, 2015

In the beginning, I was a kindergartner in the town of Ardmore, Oklahoma

I found an old yearbook recently from years ago. In the beginning, I was a kindergartner at a K-12 school in the small town of Ardmore, Oklahoma.

We moved there from Texas in the mid-1970s for my stepfather’s work. Despite my young age, I have many memories of that time. I remember our apartment, and watching the cars go by on the freeway just behind it.

I remember a horrible accident that gave me the scar on my face (and on my leg) that people still occasionally ask me about today, when I ran into the sliding glass door leading out to our patio.

That was obviously a tough evening for me, but otherwise good childhood memories from our short time there. I actually have recollection of the day this photo was taken.

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