Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The trend of waving goodbye should probably end now, since I've signed a year-long lease

How do you know you're right where you're supposed to be at any particular time of your life? Well, when you sign a one-year lease, you're probably not going anywhere for a while.

That's how I look at my recent one-year commitment to a rental property in Houston, Texas. No matter how many people wave goodbye in Houston (or elsewhere), the chances of me actually going anywhere else are quite slim right now.

I wonder what causes people to wave goodbye so much. Are they going somewhere? Do they think I should go somewhere? If it's the latter, I wonder where they think I should go and what I should do when I get there.

I see everyone waving goodbye in my life. In stores. In places of business. The newscasters on television even wave goodbye now. Why do they do that?

Simply put, waving goodbye is often very confusing. Of all the non-verbal communication I encounter each day, waving goodbye is easily the most convoluted and most prone to misinterpretation.

People probably shouldn't wave goodbye so often, unless they plan on going somewhere themselves.

On second thought, maybe we're all in the wrong place and waving goodbye is completely appropriate.

It's my first week in a brand new apartment complex, and what a first week it's been. In just my first few days, someone drove their automobile through one of the gates, sending piles of broken concrete and twisted metal all over the place. Someone else (or maybe the same person, who knows) drove over the stop sign at the end of the street. Now the stop sign lays flat on the grass where it once stood.

I've now discovered that someone tumbled from a third-story walkway near my apartment to the rock-hard courtyard below. I'm not sure at this point how that happened or the condition of the person who hit the pavement. Hopefully he survives.

Despite all this, I must be right where I'm supposed to be. Waving goodbye to me is futile.

Have you ever wondered if you're supposed to be somewhere else in life? There is one foolproof way to determine if you are or aren't. Let your ability to move at the present time be your guide. If moving isn't feasible right now, you can rest assured knowing you're right where you should be.

If anyone determines I'm supposed to be somewhere else in the next 12 months they can simply pay the remaining months I owe, because a lease is a legally binding document.

Sound like good deal? Excellent.

I'm confident, in time, we'll all end up where we should.

Right now I'm home in Houston for at least 51 more weeks, so please stop waving goodbye.

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