Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Things could get a little crazy at the ballpark next month. And I like crazy

Have ya'll already purchased your tickets for the ballgame next month? The world famous Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Arizona Diamondbacks April 14 in what promises to be a silly evening at the stadium.

We like silly.

If you don't have tickets yet, or don't think you'll have the ability to get into L.A. that day, you can easily watch all the festivities via the Internet. Simply search "Watch MLB games online" on Google for a live stream of this important event.

Houstonians, you should never feel left out. Did you know that for about the same cost as one lower-level Houston Texans ticket and parking pass at NRG Stadium, you can have a single ticket to a L.A. Dodgers game in left field, plus transportation to and from L.A. from downtown Houston, if you're a smart shopper?

Going to Dodgers games is just as affordable as going to Texans games. So maybe I should go more often.

Maybe we'll get lucky and have a flyover from Sprinkles.

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