Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tom Green is more funny than almost anyone on television right now, and we rarely see him

Tom Green speaks to Japanese tourists in their native tongue at
a Los Angeles Dodgers home game
Have you ever wondered why Tom Green never really realized his full potential in U.S. television or film?

The YouTube clip you're about to watch from the former Tom Green Show is as funny, if not more funny, than anything you currently see on television in the United States (or elsewhere). I just can't figure out why we don't see more of him.

More funny than Johnny Carson. More funny than John Candy. More funny than Seth Meyers. More funny than John Belushi. Even more funny than that British guy who drives around and sings with famous people.

More funny than almost anybody, and I'm not picking on any of the folks I just named. They are all extremely funny people as well.

But who else would stand in that Japanese subway and ask how many people like potatoes and bananas? From the incredible drum performance, to the Pizza Pie song before a stunned crowd, his comedy brilliance is both unique and underrated.

Don't take my word for all of this. Press play and enjoy.

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