Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I want to be cool like Ice Cube, so I'm wearing Dodger blue and spending the night in Inglewood

When Ice Cube and Common go on nationwide television to promote a new film, they put some thought into what they wear.

When I go to L.A. for a World Famous Los Angeles Dodgers game, I wear similar colors and stay in Inglewood.

Being cool is important. I want to dress like the cool people (Ice Cube, Ms. Dodie, etc.), and I want to stay where I can maintain an incredible amount of street cred.

Hence, another evening in Inglewood. The only place on Earth I've ever been where you order a taco at Taco Bell though bulletproof glass.

I'm ready for some Los Angeles R&R, Warriors of Truth.

You realize we're only two days away, right? See y'all at the ballpark.

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