Friday, May 27, 2016

Pete has the killer's paintings in the back seat of his pickup truck

Veronica Erin didn't even ask her ex-boyfriend to roll down his car window before unloading her handgun into his defenseless body in a Houston-area parking lot last week.

Once the gun ran out of bullets, she proceeded to beat the shit out of his dead body with the gun.

Her Facebook page is interesting. One of the songs she posted recently was entitled, "I'm Going to Show You Crazy."

Mission accomplished.

She's a special kind of nuts. But as it turns out, she's also quite an artist.

Veronica Erin is Pete's niece, and he just so happened to have her laptop computer and a couple of her paintings in the back seat of his Chevrolet pickup last night at a Houston restaurant.

The laptop doesn't work, but the paintings are quite lovely.

Over some fantastic enchiladas at Pico's on Kirby at Richmond Avenue, Pete shared details of the killing and his recollection of the young woman over the years. I'd seen the news coverage on the television, but I was shocked to hear the backstory of this brutal murder.

Warning to all the men out there: Don't text your ex. In fact, don't contact her at all. She may go ape-shit and screw up your day.

Hopefully she leaves behind some exquisite paintings for you, though.

Our thoughts are with the victim's family today as they seek justice in this matter.

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