Friday, July 29, 2016

I post many songs. Ever wondered what I actually enjoy listening to the most musically?

I post a lot of music on my Twitter. Here's an example of the type of music I actually enjoy listening to most.

I wish they would have called this The Coolest Song Ever Recorded, because that is a better fit.

The song is actually called Worlock, and it was released by a pioneering electronic band originally from Vancouver named Skinny Puppy in 1989.

One of the aspects I've always loved about this song is that you consume this art much in the same way you consume a Kubrick film. Differently.

You don't listen to this song while other things are going on around you. If you want to listen to this song correctly, you concentrate on the song. This song builds and builds and builds until a crescendo at the end that is never appreciated like it should be until you've watched a bunch of sweaty bodies on a dance floor enjoy it together. Much like we did in the late 80s.

I post this on a Friday night because I want you to listen the same way I do. If an adult beverage or two is your thing, by all means do that before listening. In any case, listen with no interruptions and without any other distractions. Simply appreciate the uniqueness.

While I'm very appreciative of many types of music, late 1980s industrial is now, and always will be, my preference. Give yourself 5 minutes and 30 seconds of uninterrupted time tonight, and I think you'll see what I mean.

Often imitated but never topped, this is electronic music at its very best.

This is Skinny Puppy. Enjoy.

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