Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We'll call him the Smilin' Man because he was smilin'. Dodgers win July 4th

Another brief trip to Los Angeles to celebrate the 4th of July, and another convincing win for the World Famous Los Angeles Dodgers.

Things started a little slow with the team falling behind by three runs early, but they managed to pull everything together and get the win in the end.

Similarly, I always feel like I've won when I get to go out west. It really is a therapeutic event for me mentally, a chance to clear my head and get a much needed change of scenery.

Inglewood is always up to a lot of good. Last night was amazing, with fireworks going off literally everywhere around me all evening. I'm from Texas, where the only people allowed to shoot off fireworks legally are the city, basically. So having that many firework displays on and on into the night was both unusual and delightful.

I had the opportunity to try on the shirt you saw me tweet about (see my Twitter video post from July 2). Fits nicely. I took another look at it this morning and noticed a tiny mustard spot from the World Famous Dodger Dog I enjoyed for dinner last night. That increases the value of the shirt ten fold, at least.

I roll out of Los Angeles early tomorrow morning for another long road trip. I look forward to all the wonderful people I encounter along the way.

Here's a picture of Sleepy Man from the trip out here.

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