Friday, November 11, 2016

From the back seat of Pete's pickup truck to the walls of my apartment

Goldie finds the artwork colorful and a wonderful conversation piece, but somewhat disturbing all the same.

Pete was nice enough to offer Ms. Veronica's paintings for the adornment of my wonderful dwelling place.

I haven't heard what has come of the artist, who I mentioned here initially in a blog post May 27. I imagine she has a lot of explaining to do to a Harris County jury, but I am quite grateful for her contribution to my current home.

The pieces of art were passed on to me after my public compliments of her creativity.

I have tentatively given the name "I'm Going to Show You Crazy" to this piece, but I'm open to the artist's own name for the work if she should want to submit that at some point.

I sense the anger and frustration. I sense the joy and levity. I find the juxtaposition of colors both soothing and disturbing, the long strokes and elegant splatters similarly marks of pent-up frustration and expressions of unbridled freedom.

And I have no idea what any of that means.

These new paintings make me wonder if obtaining even more art for the walls would be a noble pursuit.

Goldie wants me to focus more on moving quality merchandise and not so much on the procurement of works of art at the present time. We have to stay focused on the goals, the plan. I respect Goldie's opinion and enjoy her companionship. Therefore, I'll keep the most important thing the most important thing.

However, I do appreciate and enjoy the paintings. Thank you, Pete, and share a "thank you" to everyone else who approved passing these on to me.

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