Saturday, July 14, 2018

My move to San Antonio complete, getting situated in a new home city

Greetings to you from my new home city of San Antonio, Texas. I'm happy to have things getting into a routine as I become situated here.

I'm not completely unfamiliar with San Antonio. As those of you who have followed me over the years know, I lived in an extended stay hotel here about five years ago for a number of months, working for a Houston-area electronics company that installed flat-screen televisions and home theater systems. I visited San Antonio homes every day and was impressed with not only the people here but all the city has to offer. This is a fantastic town, and I know I'll enjoy living here.

Without giving out too many details here about my specific location, I'm once again on the west side of town right off of Interstate 10 (very close to where I lived in San Antonio previously). I spent this past week driving around town to visit a number of locations, sourcing products for my home business. I look forward to continuing that here.

I wasn't aware that this city is now considered one of the 10 largest in the country, even bigger than Dallas by comparison of population. Only Houston is larger in the state of Texas.

Leaving Houston was a bittersweet decision, but it was the right decision. I was born there and will always love the place, but in the past decade or so it has felt like I was always waiting on an eventuality that never came to pass. In short, Houston has felt like NoCity, Texas. The disappointing thing is that the correct answer was always "yes," and I was always surrounded by "no" there. That gets old (and frustrating).

I'm close enough to drive over to Houston for a visit occasionally, but this is a permanent change of address.

Having said that, if the Princess is out there somewhere reading this you can come anytime for a visit. Park anywhere you can find a spot.

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