Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A week in L.A. area includes visit to my third-grade home, Dodger Stadium, Peter Murphy show

Greetings to you from the air between San Antonio and Santa Ana. I'm taking a week or so to head out west to kick back and do some relaxing.

I'm once again staying in Long Beach at a familiar location. Later this evening I'll see the legendary Peter Murphy performing his Bauhaus tunes at the Yost Theater. I saw the show in San Antonio several years ago at the Korova Bar (a venue I wish was still open). I'm looking forward to later this evening.

I also have tickets to the Dodgers-Giants game at the ballpark tomorrow. I've got to get my hands on one of those free hoodies. Should I hang on to the wonderful garment or list it in my eBay store? These are the difficult decisions I face all the time in my life.

I'll probably head over to Hollywood Boulevard during this trip. I don't think I've done that my last couple visits to Los Angeles, and I always enjoy walking down the street and seeing the sites there. One time I stopped to grab a sandwich in a small deli and looked up to see a sign indicating Clint Eastwood filmed a scene from one of his movies at that spot I was sitting. You never know what you'll discover on Hollywood Boulevard. You may even see some people dressed like Spider-Man or Edward Scissorhands.

Another thing I'm really looking forward to doing this trip is driving over to Huntington Beach and seeing the home I lived in briefly during the third grade. Though I was young, I have many memories of that house, the surrounding neighborhood, and the elementary school I attended there. It will be cool to see how things have changed (or stayed the same) in the area.

I read somewhere that Quentin Tarantino purchased a historic movie theater in Los Angeles where they run old films from time to time. Maybe I'll see a movie this trip. I'll do more research on the Internet machine and find out where the place is and what is showing. In the past, I've caught my old movies at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood (one night I was lucky enough to walk up on an evening they were screening an Akira Kurosawa double-feature).

Other than that, I'll play this trip by ear. Keep an eye here or on my Twitter for updates.

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