Thursday, April 4, 2019

Things in Los Angeles progressing pretty nicely during visit, movie night tonight

I really have been trying to get out and about a little bit in L.A. this week. There is so much to do in this city.

What a fantastic outing I had my first night here. I drove over to Santa Ana and saw that Peter Murphy show at the Yost Theater. There was a good crowd there, and he and the band sounded great. I enjoy the Bauhaus tracks, but I'd like to see him perform his solo material live sometime. The Bauhaus material was before I actually became a fan of that kind of music. I discovered the Bauhaus music as a result of his solo work during the Deep and Holy Smoke era. Cuts you Up is fantastic in a night club with the girlies dancing.

His opening act, a San Francisco-based artist named Jill Tracy, gave a good performance as well. I found the recollection of what she described as her one "Goth Diva moment" quite funny. Due to ingesting a wrongly prescribed medicine for several days, she had to be carted away by ambulance one evening in a black-sequin dress after passing out right before she was to go on stage before Peter Murphy.

I blogged about wanting to visit Griffith Park years ago, but previous attempts to actually get up that hill and see the place had been met with large crowds of people that made doing that difficult. Here's a tip if you plan to visit: Go during the week, and in the morning. The crowds were much smaller, and there was much more parking available along the road up the hill. As an added bonus, parking along the road is free before noon during the week. The site offers a great view of Los Angeles from up in the hills, although yesterday was a bit cloudy and hazy.

A lone, well-dressed Asian warrior seemed to stand watch over the courtyard in front of the observatory. I just had to take a photo of him.

The drive to Huntington Beach brought me to a home I lived in briefly as an elementary school student. I found the address in a box on some material published by the Huntington Beach Rams, my pee-wee football team. The house is still there and looks much like I remember. There was a huge lava rock that used to sit near one of the pillars in front.

The most significant change I noticed in the neighborhood is this park that the city has placed on the corner. The park is two or three houses down from the home pictured above. In 1978, this site was a huge dirt lot. This is where the neighborhood kids would meet to play baseball or kickball. What has been done here is definitely an improvement, but I actually expected to see homes built here.

Dodger Stadium was Dodger Stadium, a very nice place to go. Lots of cool people. Although I don't condone fighting in public, there was a pretty good scuffle in our section that saw several people ejected during the game. Nothing serious, probably just a few guys enjoying a little too much cerveza. And the Dodgers beat the Giants, which is always a good thing.

I stepped out a little early because it was so chilly up there, and I didn't want to break out my Bank of America hoodie, awarded free to the first 40,000 attendees. I want to list this as New without tags, which means I can't pull it out of the packaging just because I'm freezing my ass off and didn't bring another jacket.

Tonight is movie night at the New Beverly Cinema. As long a Quentin Tarantino is alive, and as long as he's rich, there are going to be double-feature screenings of old movies at this theater in Los Angeles. I have another $10 for him tonight. I get to see a John Wayne movie AND a Jack Nicholson directed film, both from the early 1970s.

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