Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hollywood Boulevard and Santa Monica beach

Well hello! Another nice day in L.A.

Tonight I headed over to Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards to see what was going on. The area in front of the Kodak Theater on Hollywood is closed to vehicle traffic in preparation for the Oscars Sunday evening. There is a huge tent that has been raised across Hollywood Blvd., but you are still able to walk into the mall there. It's a three-level shopping center where I grabbed something to eat and a coffee at the Starbucks.

I wanted to go handle the Oscar LucyinLA talked about on YouTube but that little section of the mall closed at 8 p.m. I took a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard. It's an an interesting walk.

I also was down in Burbank for a while earlier today and then later drove to the beach in Santa Monica. Pretty water. This area is gorgeous. I drove all the way down Sunset from the the Sunset Strip area until it dead-ends into the beach, then on the Pacific Coast Highway for a bit.

Well, more later. Night night. Blessings. JT

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