Friday, May 25, 2007

Did I mention that I love LA?

Well, I do. I drove out here earlier this week and I've been traveling around the city. Am I moving here? Well, I'd certainly enjoy that. If I'm going to do that, one of two things is going to have to happen:

A) I'm going to need to find employment relatively quick here, or

B) I'm going to need to learn how to eat weather.

If "A" doesn't happen somewhat quickly, I may head back to the great city of Houston, Texas until I do secure employment here. I left all my stuff back in Houston...I just loaded up the vehicle with a few things and headed out earlier this week. The drive was fantastic.

I'm also going to need to find a place live here eventually. Staying in hotel rooms won't work long-term.

Michael Landon's son, Michael, is a filmmaker and I saw him on TV last night saying that more Christians need to get involved in the creative and film indistry. I agree. Where do I apply, and how soon can I start? Please pass that message on to him or anyone else who is looking for folks.

I just looked up at my TV set and there's a guy burning BBQ on a grill on the news. And there must be some sort of Star Wars convention going on around here...Princess Leia was downstairs at the hotel and I saw a Stormtrooper downtown. It's never boring around here.

How about churches in LA? This one looks real cool. The guy is quite a rapper, and I love his little song. Anyone know anything about it?

I'll be here at least a few more days on this trip out to California -- unless I find something before then. I'll keep you posted. Happy Memorial Day and God Bless!