Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Barry Manilow cannot compromise his beliefs

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is "dangerous" and "offensive."

These are the words of music fossil Barry Manilow, who decided this week that appearing on a television show with someone who might have a difference of opinion than him is something he absolutely cannot do.

Barry sounds like a principled man.

The problem is, his decision makes no sense. I'm not going to get political on this blog. That's really not my purpose in writing this post. I just want to point out an inconsistency that I'm seeing all too often.

This is the perfect example of how the "intolerance" frequently attributed to one side of the political spectrum is often equally as present on the other side.

Folks, no matter how differently we may see the world, at the core were all the same.

Barry was scheduled to appear on The View Tuesday morning. He said he was upset he had to cancel. "It's really too bad because I've always been a supporter of the show, but I cannot compromise my beliefs."

Well, I guess if you're a supporter of a show called The View, you should probably be open to the fact that people can have different views. That's what should make the show interesting. Apparently, in Barry's mind, there is only one view. His. He's wrong there.

A former host on that very show stated once that "radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America."

In addition to being completely without merit, some might conclude those remarks are "dangerous" and "offensive."

I have no beef with the person who made that statement. I'm simply trying to make a point. We live in America, and we can all have differences of opinion (and share them), no matter how misguided they are.

It seems by canceling his appearance on The View, Barry is compromising his beliefs. I mean, every good, red blooded liberal believes in those inalienable rights we have...or they should. How about the right to live in a society that benefits from citizens that can see things differently? What happened to healthy debate?

Keep up the good work, Elisabeth.

And to think, I was actually considering voting for a Democrat for president next time. Forget it, that's apparently the party of intolerance.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Christian radio personality to appear on Survivor: China

People of faith have appeared on the show before, but the new season of Survivor should prove particularly interesting because a person in a ministry position will compete for the $1 million prize.

Leslie Nease, a Christian radio talk show host with WRCM-FM (New Life 91.9) in Charlotte, North Carolina, visited China this summer for a taping of the program. The season premiers on CBS, Thursday, Sept. 20, at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.

I've been a fan of the show since the second season, but have often wondered how a Christian might navigate the task of "Outwitting" other contestants.

Every alliance must break at some point...only one person can win. So the further the game progresses the more likely someone will have to either vote against a person they told they wouldn't, or align with an individual or group behind someone else's back.

Leslie, however, has a unique take on the game. She says you can either see Survivor as a game that encourages deception, or you can do as she does and see it as a game that is about loyalty and learning who you can trust. Hmmm. Never thought of it like that.

One reason I think Survivor makes for such fascinating television is everyone enters the game with a different idea of what ethical lines they won't cross. Some may go in determined to do whatever it takes to win. Others may feel that being dishonest with another player is completely out of the question.

You can also mix in three other key elements that complicate things and make the show a social experiment like few other:

1) Contestants most likely begin to care for each other and develop real friendships while spending every waking hour in a strange, uncomfortable, surreal experience, and

2) You're on national television and will be remembered forever for the decisions you make and the way you treat others while on location, and

3) It's really just a game.

Leslie says in the promotional video online that she feels being a Christian radio host will be helpful to her "on so many levels." I'm interested in seeing how that plays out.

If you visit the main Survivor Web site right here you can scroll down and there is a video in which you can meet Leslie (and the other contestants) and hear about how she views the game in light of her Christian values. It sounds like she definately has the right attitude going in.

Here's a behind the scenes video of what it takes to put the show together. Should be an interesting season.

It starts a week from tonight.


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Friday, September 7, 2007

Monday, September 3, 2007


"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful" (Hebrews 10:23)

Good morning and happy Labor Day.

I just felt like sitting down and typing out a few words this morning. I was reading that scripture this morning in a devotional I like to look at.

I'm glad we have the word of God, aren't you? There are a lot of things we can read each day -- newspapers, magazines, whatever -- and I often do. I'm a news junkie. I look at news Web sites each day.

But before getting your fill of some of the stuff out there, I recommend getting filled up with God's word.

God is our source of information about ourselves. He is the gatekeeper. Think about it...if a responsible news organization (and most are) wanted to be accurate in its reporting, it wouldn't go to press without talking to the source with greatest knowledge of the news event or story, would it.

No, of course not, that's Journalism 101.

Well, Serving God 101 teaches us that we don't develop ideas about ourselves without first going to our true source of information...our Heavenly Father.

You see, what we see today is temporary -- God's word will never pass away and it will never return void.

I giggle from time to time when I read something in the paper or see something online -- because often wordsmiths of all types go off half-cocked, not knowing fully what they are talking about.

However, don't we often do the same thing in a sense, trusting in what our unrenewed minds tells us about ourselves or our situation? The answer? Keep your mind renewed (Romans 12:2).

In those moments when this world fills you with doubt and unbelief, make sure you return to the truth...God's word.

Just my little thought for the day...

On another note, the kind mailman placed a Michael W. Smith ticket in my mailbox. Thank you, sir. I will take that on down to the Woodlands next week. God bless you, and thank you to the United States Postal Service for all your great work.

Now, here's a touching love song to brighten up your Labor Day. Read your Bible.