Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Open Letter to the Princess

Hey Princess,

I'm not sure what's going on here in Houston, but it doesn't matter anymore.

I want you to know I care about you...and I do think about you often. I'm sorry that circumstances in my life have postponed us getting together before this, but if you hang in there a little longer, I'm doing what I can to get some resources together to get where you are.

The intensity of the war against me here is amazing, and I want you to know that I truly believe as I write this tonight that the answer is for me to move.

Basically, here's why this is happening. I have found myself right in the middle of a situation that is incredibly political, and there are people who benefit from propagating an idea that I'm not sold-out to God. It's a lie from the pit of hell.

Now, it's been a journey getting here. It's been hard work, and it took time, but I'm all His. For years. You need to know that.

If these people can make others believe that I'm not truly serving Him, or that I'm wishy washy, or I'm living with one foot in the world, it forwards their cause.

Unfortunately, their cause is, and has always been, built on lies and untruths.

I'm just like you, sweetheart. Working this salvation out with fear and trembling. And what God has done in me is amazing, and I submit to you that is exactly why I'm going through the war I'm going through.

The enemy preferred having a hold on me. He doesn't have that anymore, and he's furious.

I'm closer to God today than I ever have been, and I've got a piece of news for everyone: I believe God is proud of me today.

I am moving. Moving, however, takes resources. I will get there, and I believe wholeheartedly that with that act of obedience a door will open for me there as well professionally.

I have to reiterate this point:

You are undoubtedly waiting for a man of God who is serious about his walk with God. I promise you that you have nothing to worry about in that department. I am dedicated to Him and walking after Him. Any voice that tells you (or insinuates) that I'm not, is not speaking by the spirit of God.

I have sat here all this time waiting primary because of some prophetic words that I obviously misinterpreted. When coupled with scriptures in God's word that promise victory, I have believed something was going to happen here that for whatever reason seems more and more unlikely the closer I draw to God. It's bizarre.

Sometimes, it seems, the victory God presents to us comes not how we believe it is going to come. I'm not crazy enough to argue with God about what is best for me. I'm just thankful he has a plan and it includes you.

I have nothing but the best thoughts about you, and nothing but the deepest respect for you. You are beautiful and prefect just how you are! Don't ever believe anything different, no matter what anyone tries to make you believe.

Always, and I mean always, consider the source. Ask yourself: Do they have an agenda?

I'll be wherever you are as soon as I can get there.

Love. John

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