Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fantastic commercial, and Richard Justice needs Jesus

Outstanding new TV commercial

This new commercial might be divinely inspired.

Man, Richard, you need Jesus

We're going to start a new, reoccurring series here on the blog entitled, "Man, you need Jesus."

From time to time, I'm sure you've heard someone say something, or read something somewhere, and thought to yourself, "Man, you need Jesus." I have, too.

I'm going to occasionally share with you who I think needs Jesus. Now, please don't take this the wrong way if you appear here. The truth is, we all need Jesus. But consider it a badge of honor...then get right with God.

Our first recipient:

Please take a look at Richard Justice's blog entry from today, featuring his thoughts on what the Houston Astros can learn from the two World Series teams this year, the Rays and the Phillies. Richard is a sports writer for the Houston Chronicle.

A very thoughtful, well-written blog post.

Scroll down, however, to the comments. You'll find one long response of his in italics, responding to a comment made by "will."

What happened here, Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected? I'm not sure how Barack Obama, Fox News, the Washington Times and Sean Hannity got tied in with the Phillies draft picks. And that's not a nice word you called Mr. Hannity.

That's not the kind respect for others our future president asks us to have. I believe in Jon Heyman, he's part of America and I believe in America. I believe in Sean Hannity, he's an American with feelings and deserves better than this.

I believe in you, too, Richard, but I've got the facts: You need Jesus.

Stick to sports.

Blogs are not obsolete

As of 11:42 p.m. today, this blog has received 690 unique visitors.

That's not even close to the Huffington Post. Can I ask you for a favor? Please let one other person you know about this exciting blog. Just tell them, "You need to read John's blog." Then forward this address to them: ThePrincessBlog.net

See how easy that is. We can continue to get the word out about the exciting things happening here in the U.S. But we have to work together to make it happen.

Scripture for the day

Why not meditate on this one today:

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me..." (Psalm 138:8a).

Has the Lord started something in your life? I'd count on him finishing it. Just read the scripture above. If you don't remember anything else I've said today, remember those words. They're the words of the Living God, and they never come back void.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inglewood, Inglewood, always up to much good

Defying the advice of a knowledgeable taxi driver and a rapper who once declared that Inglewood is always up to no good, I stayed in Inglewood my last few nights in Los Angeles.

Turns out, Inglewood was up to much good. Providing me with a cheap motel qualifies as very good. And, I got to rub shoulders with lots of interesting people.

If you're ever looking for a great time, take the 117 bus east through Inglewood. Then, transfer on Central heading toward downtown.

You might not find this bus route touted on any Los Angeles travel brochures, but you'll enjoy the pleasant drive and it only costs a total of $2.50. You can't beat that.

I made room for an elderly woman to sit next to me on one bus trip, because that's what kind young men do on the bus. She didn't speak English (at least she didn't speak it to me), but she often put her Big Lots sale brochure from the newspaper in front of me, pointing out excellent products she apparently felt I needed to know about.

One was a lock-box of some sort. It looked like a box you would store important papers or documents in. The other was a very inexpensive package of t-shirts.

She would put the paper nearly in my lap, point at the product and say something to me I couldn't understand. I would just smile at her and those seated around us say something like, "That's an excellent price for that," or "I've gotta get over there and get me one of those."

I also met this really cool guy at the bus stop on West Century Avenue one day. We got to talking about Los Angeles. He told how after he got out of prison he knew he couldn't go back to San Diego, because he was getting in too much trouble there, so Los Angeles seemed like a great place to start over, since that's where he was born.

He'd found a good job there in L.A., and things were going well for him.

I told him I was from Texas, and he said he liked Texas okay but shared how "Chicanos from California don't really get along with Chicanos from Texas."

I wanted to ask him how Chicanos from California felt about Caucasians from Texas, but the conversation was going so well I didn't really want to go there.

When he told me about the tension between Chicanos in different parts of the country, I asked him, "Can't we all just get along?" He apparently thought that was pretty funny, letting out a little chuckle.

I was thinking, "Why wouldn't the Chicanos from California and Chicanos from Texas get along?" They should unite. That's a lot of Chicanos. Politically they could pretty much do whatever they wanted to do if they put away their differences and banded together.

I took the bus through Inglewood, then transferred and went over to to Hollywood Boulevard also. I bought a t-shirt that says "Los Angeles, California" on it, which I wore proudly on my Greyhound trip back to Texas.

Hollywood Boulevard is a place everyone needs to see at least once in their lifetime. I like to go there every time I'm in Los Angeles. There are lots of tourists there. A nice lady asked me twice on the street if I'd like to take a tour of Hollywood that included movie stars homes, but that seemed a bit strange to me so I turned her down. Frankly, I'd be embarrassed to admit I'd taken part in something like that even if I had. Can you imagine someone paying money to drive out in front of your house and gawk at it?

I really wanted to talk to this guy. A man stood at the corner of Hollywood and Highland with a huge sign that read, "Believe Jesus. Be ready." I was working my way over to talk with him and let him know I did believe Jesus and I was already ready, when the return bus came down Hollywood so I never got a chance to speak with him.

The economy is doing pretty well in Hollywood. The line for the Beverly Hills Chihuahua was practically out onto Hollywood Blvd. To people in the movie business, cutting back means switching from a latte to drip coffee, probably. Yeah, I read David Carr's article in the New York Times about L.A. following its own script...that was pretty well-written. David, you think flying out of Newark is interesting? Take the Greyhound. Trust me on this one.

I enjoy L.A. and never like to leave once I'm there. It's rather strange, actually, because only a few years ago, I never would have considered L.A. as a possible place to settle down someday. But for whatever reason, my attitudes toward the city have changed. I find it exciting, exhilarating.

In just a couple of years, I've encountered a complete turnaround in my mind.

Is that the Lord? The Word teaches that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, he will give us the desires of our heart. One of the things I find myself praying often lately is "Lord, please make your desires for my life my desires." In other words, I want to always make sure the things that feel exciting to me, or the things that are motivating me, are desires put there by him.

In the end, I want what he wants for me. I know there's no other way to feel truly fulfilled. If L.A. isn't the eventual place, I pray he changes what I currently feel inside of me.

But I hope he doesn't.

I arrived back in Houston early yesterday morning and thought you might like to hear about some of the highlights of another wonderful visit out west.

Until next time, goodbye L.A. Hope to see you again soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm writing to you from the great city of L.A.

Super 8 Motels, another fantastic contribution to American life, offers free coffee with a night's stay. And it's good coffee. I'm lit up like a Christmas tree trying to decide what I'm going to do today.

Super 8 is great, but other places are cheaper, so I'm moving on tomorrow I think. There's some places down the road that are less expensive, but the nicest taxi driver in the world I met at the L.A. bus station told me some places to avoid. I might be drawn in by the power of a $39.95 place to sleep, but they may not be as safe.

I think I'm going to need to balance my life in the very near future between cheap and safe.

We need to make food that is good for you less expensive. If you eat cheap, you don't eat well, in general. I don't want to eat garbage because then I'll look ugly and out of shape and apparently as fantastic as this city is, many here put a premium on how someone looks. If you even have a bad haircut here, they'll pick on you.

Now don't worry. I think I'm doing okay. The females at the Burger King and on the bus appeared to be flirting with me, so maybe I'm still semi-attractive enough to not be laughed out of town. Don't worry, Princess, you're the only girl for me. Besides, I'm sure a hottie like you is getting all the attention you can handle right now. By the way, please go see this movie if you haven't already. http://fireproofthemovie.com/

Before I start eating well, I do need to catch an In and Out Burger, of course. Those things are incredible. I already did the Del Taco thing yesterday. Some fellow Texans who hadn't been to California in a while ran off the bus and into that place like it was Cafe Annie yesterday because they'd been waiting so long to put one of those burritos in their mouth.

Out of respect for my arrival here, I put on a tie and some slacks today. I may even wear a jacket for a while. I don't know if I needed to, but when you're unemployed and down to your last dollars it just feels good not to wear the pair of shorts and sandals you wore on the bus for days.

I'll pretend I have a job today. Today, my job is to post something on the Internet. Someone told me once that you shouldn't dress for the job you have, you should dress for the job you want. If I dressed for the job I had, I'd be in my skivies and a pair of shower shoes, so today I'll wear something else.

The economy in God's kingdom is doing fantastic today. I'm going to look for a place to sow a seed. Hey, I'm in need, so it's time to sow a seed. Maybe there is a homeless person in this town who could use some extra cash.

I'm always a little apprehensive when someone asks me for some money, not because I don't want to help someone, but I certainly don't want to buy someone MD 20/20. At times I feel like that's what I'm doing. Let's see who God brings across my path.

OK, I need to let you go for now because the commercial said that you can't just have goals, you have to have plans. I have no plan for today. So I need to stop typing and plan. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bus stations are fascinating

I'm just sitting here at the Greyhound Bus Station in downtown Houston. What a fascinating cross-section of America. If those candidates for president want to do something unique and show they are in step with the citizens of this great country, they should bring some media folks along and take a bus ride for a couple thousand miles or so. I'm not talking about their bus. I'm talking about one of these powerful machines.

I'm heading out to L.A., a great American city that I'm sure is eagerly awaiting my arrival. Give me a couple days, folks, I'm doing it by bus. Have you ever taken the bus? You've got to try this. I feel like this is a part of American life I have been denied to this point.

The bus to New Orleans was running a bit behind, but it looks like it just pulled up. That's a big group of people and its tough to see them go.

My only complaint at this point is that the soda machine is out of diet Coke, so I'm having to drink a regular Coke. Have you ever drank a regular Coke after switching to diet Coke for a few years. Don't try it. I doubt I'll finish it.

We're watching the Situation Room here in the bus station, waiting to board. From what I gather from their discussion, there seems to be something wrong with the economy. I'll have to pay closer attention and I'll get back to you with the details.

I don't worry about the economy very much. My Heavenly Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and I have money for a bus ticket. These are the best of times. In times of famine, we enjoy plenty. I think I read that somewhere. I'm just crazy enough to believe it.

I better. With the amount of money I'm taking with me on this trip, I'd say the likelihood of me sleeping outdoors within a couple weeks is hovering at around 100 percent. Exciting! You want to talk about walking by faith? I hear a lot of folks talk about it, but I have the distinct pleasure of being able to do it! A new hallelujah!!

I'm sure I'll find work. You can shower at YMCAs, right? While I'm waiting to move into whatever place God has for me there, I can get online at the library with Ted. I may seriously try to find him.

I'm sure everything will be fine. I'm doing the right thing, right? I'm walking in love. I'm letting go of all the past offenses and pressing forward to my new beginning! What an amazing feeling.

Houston, you are a fantastic city. The city of my birth. The city of my rebirth. And the city of an unbelievable Greyhound bus station. The battery needs to be recharged on this computer -- let me take a little break from all this difficult typing and try to find a place to recharge. I need to give one of these kind attendants my luggage and get ready to board. Chat with you later on the journey.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm on board!

Liz over at KSBJ doesn't realize what a powerful tool she is in the hands of our God.

I was on the Internet machine just a few minutes ago looking at bus ticket prices for Los Angeles (my new home someday soon I hope), wondering if I should get on board. Liz, right after playing East to West (ironically the direction I'm looking), said that we all needed to get on board! Praise God! Confirmation. Powerful. Amazing. That KSBJ crew is out of this world with their sensitivity to God's Holy Spirit. I'm on board! I'm going East to West!!! YES!!!

She said "I'm sorry if that sounded bossy." Don't apologize. You put my rear end where it belongs...on that bus. Going east to west. Never, ever apologize for doing what God asks you to do, Liz.

She followed that powerful display of God's direction by playing the new Michael W. Smith song, A New Hallelujah. Oh my goodness that's weird! It's a new hallelujah. She pointed out that the song was recorded here in Houston...ironically the place I'm getting on board to go east to west. Friends, this is amazing. It's a new hallelujah! I'm on board a bus to California!!

You tell that silly weather guy Anthony that Houstonians are looking at several days of beautiful weather around here...with very, very low humidity. A fine looking day it is outside. Perfect weather tomorrow while we're listening to the morning show with Mike and Susan. Heck, I might be to Fort Stockton by then.