Monday, May 18, 2009

Dream house and podcast comments

I trust you all are doing great, so I thought I'd say "hello" today. I just want to build all my readers up. You are good and faithful readers. The kind of readers I'd like to have over for a BBQ and get together when the new house gets built.

Yeah, of course, you could be invited. You really should be invited. I'll get in touch with the details when the time arrives. We still have some time to let patience work, so be patient.

Do you ever think about where your dream home would be located? Or what it would look like?

Today, I was listening to more of that fantastic music from years ago (Looking from a Hilltop) thinking about possible dream home locations. I thought about building a home that looks like a UFO, and implanting it halfway into the Hollywood Hills. That way, I could look from from a hilltop, in a UFO.

Too cool! I'd have you all over for a BBQ, party or Bible study, and require that everyone either dresses like an alien or an astronaut.

Maybe a UFO wouldn't be practical. How about something more like this? Of course, the Princess will have to help make these decisions, but it's something to start praying about.

I'll keep you posted. There is obviously more behind the scenes work happening to get everything prepared. Great days are ahead. You might as well get ready! God is about to reverse and restore everything the enemy has fouled up in your life!

Right now, it's important to keep our thoughts going in the right direction...positive, hope-filled thoughts of God's best. Like putting a shoe on the thieving, conniving devil's head. Bliss!

"The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly" (John 10:10).

What did y'all think about our very first Princess Podcast? I liked it, too, especially the part where I spoke directly to the Princess, telling her how gorgeous she is. Girls don't like it when you recognize how pretty they are without also telling them how smart they are. It makes them think you're only interested in the outer appearance.

So, angel, although your photo doesn't say it specifically, you're brilliant. I look forward to long talks filled with your deep, thoughtful musings on life. Oh, while looking into your face, because you are GORGEOUS!

I don't like how I stammered occasionally. My faith never stammers, but my vocals did on my first podcast. You never know who might be listening. The President of the United States, Larry King, Jeff Van Gundy or Tony Blair might stumble onto my blog somehow, so I have to always be at my best.

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