Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smiling ear to ear

It's been a great day, albeit tough at times. I've had to keep a smile across my face all day, just praising the Lord with my smiling mug.

I broke up with all my imaginary girlfriends today. We really need to keep our thoughts going in the right direction, and it was tough staying in love with them all in my head. Good thing, too, because it must of been hard on all them sharing the space in my brain.

We are only days away from the second installment of The Princess Podcast. You've been so patient waiting for the next installment. Maybe some of you are hoping what I was hoping, that we'd get some really great questions that would better reveal this "complicated" situation I'm in. Well, apparently it's not as complicated as we first thought. The most juicy question I've got so far was regarding how a friend and I can get together for some coffee.

Don't y'all want to know if I'm a homosexual, drug-dealing pedophile? "When can we have coffee" is really the best y'all can do? Listen, the longer this thing goes on, the less and less I think this is really complicated.

I think there are organizations who just don't feel comfortable admitting to mistakes they've made in the past, and I happen to be stuck in the middle of it. That's why it's complicated. I'm perfectly happy discussing anything with any of you. The fact that no one is asking anything is quite telling.

I heard a great preacher talking yesterday on the Internet, and he was saying how there are just some things in life we're never going to understand. We're just not going to be able to figure certain things out. I agree with him, but I would submit that sometimes the reason we're never going to understand is not because the information doesn't exist, it's because no one really wants to talk about it.

If someone comes over to your house and sees your water hose faucet leaking, and decides to fiddle with it and it breaks it in the process, you may never know who did it. But, just because you don't know who broke your faucet, doesn't mean someone doesn't know the truth. They have decided you'd be extremely upset if you found out, so why not just keep quiet about it? See, it's complicated. They don't want you to know what the heck they did, so this is one of those things in life we'll never understand. We'll just never be able to figure it out.

Again, I'll answer any question you have. My e-mail is johntyler4@excite.com

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