Monday, April 5, 2010

Excitement of Opening Day festivites, as told by official Houston Astros photos

I could have penned a long blog post about how exciting opening day festivities are in Houston, but why bother? The team's marketers are already doing a better job than any of us could have. Let's enjoy the fun and excitement of Major League Baseball in Houston, Texas, as told by the Astros organization itself.

It looks like we have an amazing season ahead of us. Good luck, guys. Play ball!

The happiest looking people on Earth. Houston Astros fans on Opening Day.

On a scale of one to 10, how excited are you about the new baseball season?

Richard Justice was right about one thing. Drayton wants action.

"I told them I didn't want to sign my name on these friggin cards all day..."

"I'll do this boring crap for another 15 minutes and then we go drink beer."

"My knee really feels great today. Don't underestimate this team."

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I just took my joy out of the dryer

Every time I wear my joy, I have to wash it again.

I just took my joy out of the dryer. So soft. Elegant. Smells nice. I'm hanging on to my joy.

That's the only way to describe my mood today. Joyful. Peaceful. How do you know you're doing the right things in life? I always let peace be my umpire, so to speak. Today, the umpire is saying, "Fair ball!"

Don't worry. There's no truth to the rumor that I'm hurting like Lance Berkman. What is there to hurt about?

I'm healthy, whole, and have an amazing future in front of me. I'm having a hard time wiping the grin off my face.

This is a fantastic day. You can tell I'm already thinking about baseball season. I'm even working on a press release I may post right here on Opening Day. That's going to be a good night at the ballpark.

I let Fritzi outside a couple times already today. I woke up this morning to find Duffy had taken a dump in the living room, so he had to go out as well. Even in the midst of that, there was peace. Let peace be your umpire. I think I'm going to get a t-shirt made that says that.

Why haven't I heard an answer about my journey destination yet from y'all? Maybe I should let my joy guide me. My joy's always done me right, pointed me in the right direction.

So I've folded joy nicely and set it aside for now...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mr. Flexible Team Player trudges on

Lenore's no-show and the journey possibilities

Lenore didn't call, and I'm OK with that. I believe that things do or don't happen for a reason, and this may have been Lenore's way of saying, "You're just too creative and resourceful to work here." Or maybe Lenore hates me. Either way, we trudge forward.

How would y'all feel about me taking another journey sometime? I think y'all like it when I take journeys. Even with all the craziness that usually occurs on my flights, I have a good time on my journeys.

I've seen Australia and Great Britain recently. Do you see a pattern there? Those are English-speaking countries. Maybe I should get brave and venture out sometime. Europe maybe? Asia? India? You know I've got to get in those German clubs sometime soon. Maybe I'll just head out to California for a week or so. That's less expensive. You all help me pick the next location.

Preparing for exciting next week

The VNV Nation show is Sunday at the Meridian. I look forward to seeing y'all there. This is a band I'm really looking forward to seeing perform live.

And don't forget about Opening Day at the ballpark next week, also. I don't have a ticket yet, but I often just buy one from those ticket vendors, so I'm not worried about getting in. I washed my new shirt because it kinda smelled like Elmer's glue, so I'm ready to hear some people at Minute Maid say, "What?" I'm picking the San Fransisco Giants to edge out the Houston Astros in that game, but I hope I'm wrong.

Who else wants to go fishing with Luke Scott?

That'd be pretty cool, but there's not much time left to apply, so hurry. There's some money involved, too, so that's probably going to be a nice afternoon on the lake. The only thing that sounds like more fun than that is a speed dating session at Roy O's ranch! When's that contest kicking off, Drayton!?

Quick recovery for Barbara Bush

I think I speak for everyone in wishing Mrs. Barbara Bush a quick recovery. I heard she was at the hospital having some tests done, and it sounds as if she's going to be OK. Maybe she'll be feeling well enough to be at the ballpark with her husband next week. We hope so! Get well soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The reason why Greg Abbott is full of shit

Greg Abbott claims he's a principled man. We all are down here in the great country of Texas. We're a special bunch of people.

Greg Abbott is the attorney general of the state of Texas, and an opportunistic, self-serving asshole. Now those are strong words, and I want you to know I wouldn't say them if I didn't truly believe them to be true.

This is not a blog post about the health care debate. However, remarks he makes in this article did raise my eyebrows, and I am now fully convinced he is either derelict in his duties as A.G., or worse.

"I am going to step up and take on the federal government ... whereas my opponent is willing to sit on the sidelines and criticize those who challenge the federal government," he said in a Dallas Morning News article earlier this week.

Friends, years ago leaders of a Texas state agency (UTMB in Galveston) began firing guns off outside two of my residences and sending death threats to me in the mail, and this man knows about it. In fact, so does everyone who works in that pink sewer in Austin. And I'm still waiting on the fucking trial, or an apology.

I looked up the word principle in the dictionary, because if I'm going to discuss a man of principle, I want to know exactly what it means.

1 a : a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption b (1) : a rule or code of conduct (2) : habitual devotion to right principles

The principle he adheres to, without question, is protecting the right of Texas to do whatever the fuck it wants, even using fear, intimidation, and then cover up to achieve its goals.

He'll fight the health care bill on principle. He'll point his finger at Washington D.C. and try to convince people that don't know better that D.C. is the problem.

D.C. didn't threaten my life, asshole.

Greg Abbott, man of principle? Depends on what principle you're talking about.

Monumentally full of shit? Definitely.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Applying for some really kickass jobs

Being employed is a really great thing. It just makes life better. So, I've been looking for just that right job to make everything better.

It's times like these I wish that V.P. position over at Metro was still open. I might call them and see how they're doing on filling that position. Metro's service is growing, so it might be a great time to join the team. Now if they could just get their drivers to pay attention to stop lights.

Some fruitcake in Dallas named Lenore sent me an email to set up a time for a phone interview over a week ago, but hasn't called to talk with me yet. I'll keep you posted. I'm sure it was just an oversight. They're probably just busy, and dying to get me on board. I thought, Wow, I might get to move to Dallas. Well, until goofy HR folks start keeping their appointments, that's probably wishful thinking.

I had a phone interview for a position in the Houston area recently that I thought went pretty well. We'll have to see how that goes. I hope they think I'm a good fit for the team.

I got let go from a job once and the reason I was given was, "You're not a good fit for the team."

If a boss ever says that to you, don't let it get you down. That's actually code for: "You're much better at this than I am, and I fear upper management might realize that some day and my job could be in jeopardy."

Let's keep trudging forward in our search for the right job for John. Won't it be exciting to learn where I end up next? You'll learn about it first, right here. Sounds like it might be time to bookmark this site, doesn't it?

Keep me posted if you hear of anything. I'll relocate to anywhere for the right opportunity.

Remember, it's all about being flexible and a great team player. And that's me, I'm John, Mr. Flexible Team Player. I might even get some business cards made that say that.

I look forward to getting on board at your organization. Should be fun.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking a break from Twitter

To all my followers on Twitter, thank you for the decision to follow me. You are true warriors of the cause. Whatever the cause is.

I'm going to take a Twitter break for a while, due to some issues I'm having with the site. Despite two password changes, someone is still able to access my account and has begun following people and deleting tweets.

That just doesn't feel right to me, so I'm going to take a break until I'm convinced I have control over the account. Can you imagine someone being able to log in to your email and use your account at will? Or publish tweets under your name? Or chose who you follow or unfollow?

I'm sorry. I consider myself moderately intelligent. I just can't figure this situation out anymore.

Please keep an eye on the blog for updates until I get my life back. And keep standing against the maggots of the world.

One day, I'm convinced, all this craziness will make sense. Hopefully.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Question for the Princess prognosticators: Are you failing again?

We've already picked another Princess for me, haven't we? Only days after I asked you all not to do that in the last podcast, you already have her identified, and are placing undue pressure on her and me. Am I wrong?

I have a feeling I'm right. And since I haven't met anyone new since the last time we talked, you might want to tell me who she is. Is she someone else with a Myspace page that I've never met? Or possibly someone who happened to be in a room I was in for a few hours?

You realize that's how we pick wives for John now.

I should take a moment to address the beautiful women I've been around recently. You're all lovely, and for all I know you might be the most fantastic women on Earth. This is not a criticism of you at all. I'd be honored to meet any of you.

This is, however, criticism of those who continually put undue pressure and scrutiny on women who may or may not want that.

Here's an idea: Why don't we assume I'm completely single and uncommitted until I'm actually dating someone? That way, no one will be in danger of being in error. You still pride yourselves on accuracy, don't you?

I have to let you all in on a secret.

You're rarely accurate.

I haven't met anyone new or been on a date since the last podcast. In fact, I haven't had a conversation with anyone new since that time.

But despite that, I bet we already have her picked out, and are already in the process of making things uncomfortable for her. And I don't think I'm even sure of who this person is you have in mind.

If you've been the victim of the vultures that seem to have nothing better to do than hover around my life and consistently get things wrong, please forgive me.

And like I said on the podcast, my love, whoever you are and wherever you are: If you're interested in me, don't give up.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Princess Podcast Vol. 5: Princess Search Update & Exciting Events Coming Up

As if he hadn't already given you enough fascinating content to listen to, John now shares some pretty cool stuff that's been happening...and what's happening soon. Also, an update on the Princess search!

Click here to open in a new window.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Special message for Sarah Palin

I understand there was a goofy Super Bowl party featuring Gov. Rick Perry and Sarah Palin yesterday. If that wasn't so scary it would be hysterical.

I also understand she made a remark that was something to the effect of, "A lot of us in our states proudly cling to our guns and religion." Damn right. Welcome to Texas. And apparently we'll go to any length to protect those who use the former to make a point.

Maybe some of us, including myself, don't read our Bibles like we used to. I do remember, however, one particular verse that certainly fits in this situation:

"Bad company corrupts good character."

What the hell are you doing hanging out with Rick Perry?

You wonder why there were a lot of empty seats? This is a prime example of why I no longer call myself a Republican or Democrat. Politics in this country is a complete turn off.

Friday, February 5, 2010

This thing even smells good

You can imagine how excited I was, tearing the package open like a five-year-old does on Christmas morning. The UPS driver had just done his job efficiently and effectively, and there I was with yet another gift from the football gods.

This thing even smells good. I just wanted to stare at it for several moments, imagining how I would feel once it actually was on my body. And as expected, the only holes in it are the ones that are supposed to be there.

You want to see a picture? Click this link, but be careful, and prepare yourself for what I experienced just moments ago. Joy.

Imagine it on me, in a room full of Houston Texan fans, finishing their second or third pitcher of beer. Lots of love in that room. A brotherhood of sorts.

Experiencing the greatest and most watched sporting event in the world together, you can imagine I might get a comment or two on how much they like my devotion to the NFL, and arguably the league's best football team (other than the two playing on the TV sets around the room, obviously).

Needless to say, I'm ready for the Super Bowl. Make sure to follow my tweets. I'll let my followers, the best and the brightest on Twitter, know exactly how the party is where I am.

In the mean time, keep on Raider hatin'.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The excitement is growing hourly...Super Bowl in about five days

Remember how you felt as a kid on the night before Christmas? It's funny, but that's is how I felt last night as I tried to sleep.

I'm so excited about the Super Bowl I can't get a good night's rest!

After doing some reading online, I discovered the New Orleans Saints are playing the Indianapolis Colts this year. That's pretty good, that should be an OK game.

I've been to Indianapolis a couple times, and New Orleans is just down the road, so I'm having a hard time deciding who to root for. I'll probably just root for the team that the majority of people are rooting for where I watch the game. I like to fit in, and kinda go with the flow.

That's one of the reasons I've ordered a new shirt on the Internet for the game. I want people to say, "That guy's pretty cool. He has a really nice, officially licensed NFL shirt just like we do. We like him."

Since no suggestions have come in about a viewing place for the game yet, I've selected several and will make my final decision on Sunday. I'll make sure to tweet once I get there.

Thanks, as always, for keeping up with my blog and/or following me on Twitter. It's nice to have you along!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Super Bowl is soon, and I still haven't figured out who dat is

The Super Bowl is soon, and for the life of me I simply can't figure out who dat is!

I'm going to put those thoughts on the back burner for now, and start thinking about where I'm going to watch the game.

I'll come to your place to watch the game if you'd like me to. Send me an e-mail or post a comment to my blog. I might even bring over a tasty pumpkin pie for us to devour. I sure do love pumpkin pie.

Let's get back to the topic: The game. Now, who's playing this year? I don't really care about that, because as you know the Chargers unfortunately won't be there this year. Maybe next year. However, I found a really nice shirt I might purchase for the big game.

I have to let you in on a secret. I'm really only watching for the commercials. They should be especially good this year. I think Peyton Manning might dominate the commercials. That's probably a good thing. Peyton Manning seems like a really nice person.

Where are we watching the game? If I don't hear from you, I'll probably find a sports bar in the Houston area. What's the best public place in Houston to watch the game?

Friday, January 15, 2010

I saw Big Ben! I took a ride on a boat!

You all should have been there with me! I had a great morning. I saw Trafalgar Square, this place is fantastic. There were these lions sitting on perches. You have to see this.

Remember the big wheel I was going to get on and ride to the top? Apparently that is closed a couple weeks of the year for maintenance, and I happen to be here one of those weeks. No problem, though, I took a boat tour down the Thames River, and saw all kinds of sites. Old buildings, mostly. But they are really nice buildings.

Tower of London. It kinda looks like a miniature castle, right on the river. Bought a sandwich for lunch nearby, and a cup of coffee at this place called Starbucks. Had a good time.

Of course I saw Big Ben. There are a lot of people wandering around down there. Many of them appear to be tourists. There's a lot to see right in that general vicinity. You can catch a boat tour right there in that area, which I recommend. Many thanks to the person that commented on my blog and suggested I do that.

One of the things that is fascinating to me about London is the history here. You'll hear a tour guide talk about a building or landmark that's hundreds of years old, and you realize how young the United States is in comparison.

The people here seem friendly and helpful. They're just like Americans, they just talk a little different and drive on the wrong side of the road. And it seems like they all wear dark clothes. I think everyone in this city owns a long, black coat. It's like a uniform item.

This was a very successful morning/early afternoon by my standards. Glad I came over to visit!

A couple other items of note: Last night, the fire alarm went off at my hotel, causing every guest and a huge party being held here to evacuate to across the street. A fire truck came blaring down the street, and firemen ran in the hotel. I don't think there was a fire, though.

And for what I can tell, it hasn't snowed at all since I've been in London. The weather here seems fine to me. I bet you could even land an airplane here now. ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So, where exactly is Manchester?

These were the words that came out of my mouth yesterday around 7 a.m., when those of us on my airplane flying over the Atlantic were told by the captain that London Gatwick had been shut down due to snow. Heathrow, we were informed, wasn't much better, with at least one plane bound for that airport sent to Amsterdam to land. We were being sent to Manchester.

No problem, I thought. Part of the fun is getting there. I wasn't running late for anything, so a diversion to another city really didn't seem a problem to me. However, how bad would the snow have to be to shut down a London airport and deny us landing at another?

After sitting on the tarmac in Manchester for roughly 3 1/2 hours (unable to get off the plane because we'd all have to go through customs), we were told that the Gatwick airport would not reopen in time to get us there, and we were waiting on word on how we would finally get to London.

So, where exactly is Manchester? Hours north of London Gatwick by bus. To make a very long story short, at 7 p.m. all of us from that plane were still on board several buses tasked with getting us and our luggage to London. Once finally arriving at the airport in London and retrieving my baggage, I got a crash course in London's underground trains from a couple of other helpful passengers, finally finding my hotel around 9 p.m. last night.

So, my first full day here was spent delirious from lack of sleep on buses and trains. However, these were nice buses and trains, and I did enjoy getting to see the English countryside on the drive to London. So, anyway, I'm finally here.

Looking forward to getting out in the next three or four days to see the place. You all take good care of yourselves, and I'll chat with you later.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interesting places to visit in London

I searched on Google and found a long list of must-see places in London.

However, one London travel writer sets apart 10 sites that she feels are the most important for visitors. I think I'm going to use this list as a basic guide. I'm really excited about my visit this month.

I want to go all the way to the top of that wheel, and look around. I want to knock on the front door of Buckingham Palace and see if the Queen wants to have tea with me. On second thought, maybe I won't do that. I want to see the place, though. Houses of Parliament? Of course, I've got to see Big Ben.

And how could I possibly miss one of the city's most iconic areas? I'll most likely visit Trafalgar Square. I won't feed any birds there, though.

I board the first airplane in about a week. I hope each of my readers is on that plane as well. We usually have quite a good time flying.

The sites on that list should keep me somewhat busy during the daytime. Where should I go at night? Maybe you live in London or have visited and can help me with this.

I don't mind visiting "trendy" nightspots, but quite frankly, I'm most comfortable and happy in certain types of places. For example, if I was to hear The Bolshoi, The Smiths, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails played in one evening, where would I be? If something like that exists in London, I'll definitely visit.

I'll most likely blog or tweet from over there, so you can keep an eye here for updates.