Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Princess Podcast Vol. 5: Princess Search Update & Exciting Events Coming Up

As if he hadn't already given you enough fascinating content to listen to, John now shares some pretty cool stuff that's been happening...and what's happening soon. Also, an update on the Princess search!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Special message for Sarah Palin

I understand there was a goofy Super Bowl party featuring Gov. Rick Perry and Sarah Palin yesterday. If that wasn't so scary it would be hysterical.

I also understand she made a remark that was something to the effect of, "A lot of us in our states proudly cling to our guns and religion." Damn right. Welcome to Texas. And apparently we'll go to any length to protect those who use the former to make a point.

Maybe some of us, including myself, don't read our Bibles like we used to. I do remember, however, one particular verse that certainly fits in this situation:

"Bad company corrupts good character."

What the hell are you doing hanging out with Rick Perry?

You wonder why there were a lot of empty seats? This is a prime example of why I no longer call myself a Republican or Democrat. Politics in this country is a complete turn off.

Friday, February 5, 2010

This thing even smells good

You can imagine how excited I was, tearing the package open like a five-year-old does on Christmas morning. The UPS driver had just done his job efficiently and effectively, and there I was with yet another gift from the football gods.

This thing even smells good. I just wanted to stare at it for several moments, imagining how I would feel once it actually was on my body. And as expected, the only holes in it are the ones that are supposed to be there.

You want to see a picture? Click this link, but be careful, and prepare yourself for what I experienced just moments ago. Joy.

Imagine it on me, in a room full of Houston Texan fans, finishing their second or third pitcher of beer. Lots of love in that room. A brotherhood of sorts.

Experiencing the greatest and most watched sporting event in the world together, you can imagine I might get a comment or two on how much they like my devotion to the NFL, and arguably the league's best football team (other than the two playing on the TV sets around the room, obviously).

Needless to say, I'm ready for the Super Bowl. Make sure to follow my tweets. I'll let my followers, the best and the brightest on Twitter, know exactly how the party is where I am.

In the mean time, keep on Raider hatin'.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The excitement is growing hourly...Super Bowl in about five days

Remember how you felt as a kid on the night before Christmas? It's funny, but that's is how I felt last night as I tried to sleep.

I'm so excited about the Super Bowl I can't get a good night's rest!

After doing some reading online, I discovered the New Orleans Saints are playing the Indianapolis Colts this year. That's pretty good, that should be an OK game.

I've been to Indianapolis a couple times, and New Orleans is just down the road, so I'm having a hard time deciding who to root for. I'll probably just root for the team that the majority of people are rooting for where I watch the game. I like to fit in, and kinda go with the flow.

That's one of the reasons I've ordered a new shirt on the Internet for the game. I want people to say, "That guy's pretty cool. He has a really nice, officially licensed NFL shirt just like we do. We like him."

Since no suggestions have come in about a viewing place for the game yet, I've selected several and will make my final decision on Sunday. I'll make sure to tweet once I get there.

Thanks, as always, for keeping up with my blog and/or following me on Twitter. It's nice to have you along!