Sunday, March 27, 2011

I didn't mention the lump in my groin because I didn't want you to worry

Roughly a year or two ago, I noticed an occasional dull ache in my abdomen. Shortly thereafter, a small lump began appearing in my groin area (about an inch or so above my privates, on the right side). The lump got slightly bigger.

Now, when I stand up there is often a lump that looks like a walnut or golf ball is under the skin. I can push on it and it disappears, or I can lay flat and it retreats into my body.

I have self-diagnosed this as an inguinal hernia, using a old health care encyclopedia I found buried in the closet. There are no other symptoms, and other than that I feel great health-wise.

The encyclopedia perfectly describes what I've encountered, and a diagram shows exactly what this thing looks like. An operation to repair this type of hernia is described by the book as "simple and safe," so I've chosen not to worry.

If my ball sac fills with blood or organs, or if I encounter any other symptoms, I'll let you know.

It's a good thing payday is coming. Apparently one of the first things I'll be shopping around for is hernia surgery.

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