Friday, March 25, 2011

I wonder if the mayor could send that cemetery clean-up crew to mow this yard

The person I live with here doesn't give a shit what this yard looks like. Recently it takes a letter from the city to get him to have the grass mowed.

I've helped when I could. When there was a working lawn mower, I've use it. I've even paid lawn crews out of my own pocket.

However, yard maintenance here is not my responsibility. The owner of the home is responsible for that.

Having said that, it made me think about that group of youngsters I saw Houston Mayor Annise Parker supervising at the College Park Cemetery recently on ABC 13 News.

What a powerful statement from the mayor. I guess that was her way a saying, "Sure, I'm the mayor of the fourth largest city in the country, but I'm not above taking a Sunday afternoon to watch a bunch of black kids clean up a cemetery."

I certainly don't want to put words in the mayor's mouth, but that was a very powerful message to send to a city desperately needing role models and people to look up to. Community service is important, and what a great way to show your commitment to service.

Anyway, I thought about calling her office and asking if they could come help clean up this neighborhood (coincidentally called College Park) by mowing the fucking yard.

Have someone in your office call me if you think that sounds like something those kids wouldn't mind doing. I'll even make some calls and see if we can't get a news crew out here for some B-roll.

Too bad Col. Gadhafi's son is dead. We could invite him back to town and take some grip-and-grin photos right out in front of this embarrassing house.

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