Monday, March 21, 2011

In reference to CNN's brilliant broadcasting this evening

Does anyone have a theory on how Shell Oil Company would promote someone that stupid to CEO? And now he's the head of some oil industry think tank or consultancy? Must be dark days for the oil industry. Goofball!

And what is happening with journalism? Do these industries self-regulate or have safeguards in place to make sure people actually do their jobs?

And what is going on with Mr. Blitzer? He doesn't understand the scope of how dumb he looks sometimes. And that guy that's on in the evening, before Piers Morgan. The former AG of New York... Jesus, what are they paying these people to do? I don't expect you to ask all the questions but I do expect you to ask some of them.

Dark days for journalists. Goofballs. I just don't want them to blow me up. Or shoot me. Or crash an airplane into a building I'm in. I guess them acting like this isn't happening is OK for now. As my patience gets worn more and more thin, I suppose my interview rates will just have to go up.

I'll publish my current interview rates in another post soon.

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