Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She was not raped

Note to Princess: I'm sorry I have to share this. It happened almost a decade ago. This must be addressed.

When a woman answers the door in nothing but a bathrobe and a pair of panties with a beer in her hand, she was not raped.

When she drops the bathrobe to the floor moments after shutting the front door and invites me into her bedroom, she was not raped.

When she points at my penis and says, "I like that!" and then rides it for an hour or two, she was not raped.

When she invites me to sleep in her bed all night after the event, she was not raped.

When she fakes a pregnancy after I tell her later I will not date her (even thought I didn't ejaculate inside of her), she was not raped.

When I get so furious at her for faking a pregnancy that she comes back from the office bathroom claiming she had a miscarriage in the stall, she was not raped.

I'm only telling you some of the less embarrassing details. This woman needed serious counseling by a psychiatrist.

She was not raped.

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