Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tim Heller is a talented weatherman

I was digging around for stuff to write about, when I looked up at the television set and watched the weather report.

Bob Allen, sports reporter for ABC 13 in Houston, says he misses Marvin Zindler (and I think we all do to some degree), but I really miss Ed Brandon. You never worried about anything blowing up, or anything falling through the roof when Ed Brandon did the weather.

I don't worry about that shit most of the time, but Tim Heller is an amazing weatherman. On at least a couple of occasions, he has seemingly been able to accurately predict not just the weather, but the sound of jets above the neighborhood here. He knows how to clear the skies.

He's quite amazing. I'll be watching carefully, especially when I'm digging around for stuff to write about.

Tell him I really don't enjoy the humidity, so I'd love for him to change that immediately.

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