Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tim McDermott is crazy to ride that fucking bicycle such long distances

Tim McDermott must think he's Lance Armstrong or something.

He's the president of KSBJ in Houston, the city's contemporary Christian radio station. The guy is as goofy as they get, but I love his servant's heart.

When I actually used to listen to KSBJ (we'll get to why I don't anymore in a minute), he would DJ on Sunday mornings so his crew could go to church with their families. Hey, that's what Jesus would do, if Jesus was a DJ.

I went to a KSBJ concert years ago (these were always excellent events), and he got up before the show and held up a bag of peanuts, looking directly at me. He's a real peanut.

They wouldn't stop playing Undo, and that song was offensive to me, so I turned the radio off and started listening to industrial dance music instead. It's more encouraging, and sounds better.

Tell Mr. Peanut that I'll be a guest on his Sunday night talk show for $25,000, and I'll do an on-air interview on any topic at any time for $7,500. I won't say "shit" or "fuck" either.

I could buy a lot of bicycles with that kind of money.

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