Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We should have taken Gadhafi out as soon as he started killing his own people

I actually do think the president did a good job last night. I agree with his main points regarding the conflict, but especially agree that we shouldn't commit any ground troops to this effort.

If we get involved militarily every time a group of people in that part of the world decides they don't like their leader, we'll never take care of the important issues here in America.

I especially found what he said interesting because I'm currently reading "Diplomacy" by Henry Kissinger. The book looks at America's foreign policy and how we have seen our role in the world during different presidencies. The moral obligation argument he made seems very consistent and makes a lot of sense.

We're going to assist the rebels in their fight, which is already costing lives as this thing play out. Gadhafi threatened to kill his own people, and he actually has in some instances. He said he'd go door to door if he had to. That can't be tolerated anywhere in the world.

Here's the question I would have asked:

If we felt so strongly about condemning and stopping that, why wasn't using intelligence to locate Gadhafi and turning him and wherever he's hanging out into rubble the quickest and less costly way to make our point, save lives and end this conflict?

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