Sunday, December 22, 2013

Free ticket to a Houston Texans game produces fantastic afternoon, wonderful Oilers memories

If someone offers you free tickets to a Houston Texans game, you definitely want to go. I came in a customer, but I feel like I left a legend! We ate fantastic barbecue in the parking lot, thanks to a Houston lumber company. Then, my dad and I wandered into the stadium for more excitement.

Just look at some of the cool shit that was going on inside the stadium, and at the huge party in the parking lot!

This guy may have one of the coolest girlfriends in the world. Look at what she's wearing! When I finally get my Princess, we're going to play dress-up during our special times. I want to see my girl dressed in a Derrick Dolls outfit. I'm going to get her some "Luv Ya Blue" pom-poms and we're going to have the best of times! I had to take a photo of this couple. Dude, hang on to your girl. Y'all are awesome. I miss the Oilers so much as well.

These folks sat a few rows above me inside the stadium. I find people who dress up at these games the most interesting. This dude's sign indicated that he stole the Texans' season. Somebody obviously did. I saw other folks at the stadium taking photos with this group as well. Hope y'all have fantastic Christmas, Mr. Grinch.

This is where I watched professional football and baseball games growing up in Houston. Do you see the gentleman wearing an Earl Campbell jersey? We can't get over losing the Oilers. It's like losing a first love. I saw Oilers' gear on several occasions today, both inside and outside the stadium. Please demolish that building so we can finally have some closure! Or don't, and we'll forever remember what every Sunday was like in Columbia Blue.

The police used to watch over the people, now they're watching the people. Except in the Reliant Stadium parking lot, where they watch over the people sitting on this elevated platform. I felt so safe and protected, with the police perched above us all.

Here's a photo I took of myself today, sitting in my seat in section 321. I can't wait to catch a game in the Black Hole.

However, the day belonged to Peyton Manning. The man threw a football around like it was pizza dough. Four hundred yards, four touchdown passes and a new NFL record for total touchdown passes in a season. Congrats.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

More good decisions in Baytown, and some upcoming events

I took a gander at the sign, and it appears the folks at Robert E. Lee High School in Baytown, Texas, know the power of good decision-making and a quality education.

Incidentally, the other side of this sign makes note of some important exams coming soon, and I want to make sure everyone prepares well and aces those tests.

Please forgive me for the quality of the photograph above. My $25 digital camera may be on its last leg.

I'm still residing in Baytown, Texas, right now. The Baytown community has been good. No complaints. The town is just a short drive to Houston, so I'm able to get out in the Houston-area from time to time. I wanted to share a couple events I'm attending in the near future. Come on out and say "hello."

My favorite pizza man Peyton Manning will visit Houston Dec. 22 to put a good ass-kicking on the Houston Texans. My dad invited me to join him inside the stadium for all the festivities. This will be the first time I've been inside Reliant in years, so I'm looking forward to that day for sure. Don't worry, I visited a mall in the town of Lakewood, California, recently to ensure I'm appropriately dressed for a National Football League game.

One of my favorite bands over the years, Skinny Puppy, is scheduled for a Feb. 1 show at Warehouse Live. Have you noticed that most of the industrial bands don't play Numbers anymore?

I don't know why that is, since historically Numbers has been the venue in Houston for that type of stuff. We'll have a fantastic time at Warehouse Live anyway.

For some indication of how much fun an evening at a Skinny Puppy show can be, watch some of this video now (click here).

Other than that, keep an eye on my Twitter for further updates and upcoming events. I'm approaching my 200,000th follower on Twitter, and I sincerely thank all of you!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

El Toro Mexican Restaurant in Baytown, Texas, sets itself apart with excellence, good decisions

Wisdom. Another good decision.
Every once in a while you encounter a business with rock-solid leadership and enough marketing savvy (and honesty) to appear on this blog or Twitter. I believe in highlighting that type of organization.

El Toro Mexican Restaurant in Baytown, Texas, seems to have a desire to stay on this blog permanently. That's wisdom.

(Please click the photo to enlarge).

I love wisdom, just like Solomon did. I also love excellent Mexican food. I especially love the fajitas! I usually order chicken fajitas, because chicken is leaner and less likely to clog your arteries.

I already shared the best hospital in the world on this blog (you can see those posts here and here).

God forbid I ever have a sick kid, but when an organization displays such an intense commitment to quality decision making in its ad campaigns, you know they'll make fantastic decisions when it comes to the care of your little ones. Children's Hospital of San Antonio keeps the title of world's best hospital.

Quality, manifested by
good decisions.
I want to continue to highlight any business or organization that sets itself apart by good decision making. I love focusing on organizations with a commitment to excellence.

How does excellence manifest itself in an organization? One way is quality decision making. I've learned you can tell a lot about the quality of an organization by the messages it sends to the community.

I really do need to stop in El Toro again for more quality chow, and I'm quite certain I will in the future. Please go there soon and often, and tip the waitstaff well.

These are the kind of folks who deserve your business.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I voted to turn the Astrodome into additional parking spots

Personally, I don't know anyone that misses activities in the Astrodome as much as I do. We can't watch the Oilers anymore. That's the real tragedy. The Astros, Texans and Rockets have much nicer places to play now.

The George R. Brown already exists.

I went back and forth on this issue for a while. Then I heard homeowners in Houston would pay an average of roughly $7 per month in additional taxes to renovate the facility. Really?

How many of those homeowners will actually ever step into the building? And of those people, how many of them will attend events there numerous times in the coming years?

Many, many people in the city will be asked to pay a monthly fee for a facility they'll never use, when they've already helped to finance better, more modern facilities.

Tear the place down in a respectful, solemn ceremony and ask taxpayers to fund things the city really needs.

The votes are counted tonight. I'm interested to see how many people agreed with me on this one.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

If you want to know where I am, simply read this post now! Exclusive information!

The journey started in Baytown, Texas, earlier this week. I packed up the Amigo power ride and headed down that familiar stretch of I-10 toward paradise, otherwise known as Southern California.

I'm still without my Princess, so I decided it wouldn't be selfish of me to wander westward on my own. Who knows, someday I could actually get to converse with her and she might say, "Let's go east this time."

The Princess will get to go where she wants, but in her absence the vehicle always seems to roll west. I probably should just stay on the West Coast all the time and save the gas. I type tonight in a clean and comfortable room in Long Beach, California.

I spent one night in El Paso, Texas, at the Montana Motel. El Paso is very cool. I always try to stop there shortly when heading west.  The Montana wasn't a bad place to shower and crash for the evening. I didn't get a chance to pick up one of those chicken sandwiches from a Wendy's near the motel, but I did snap that photo of the sign in the parking lot. Let's keep making fantastic sandwiches and good decisions on the sign.

I imagine the coffee at this truck stop is pretty good, but whether they brew the best coffee anywhere along I-10 is probably up for debate. I snapped the photo below in Lordsburg, New Mexico, a tiny town in the middle of the New Mexico desert. I stopped for gas this time through, but on a previous trip several years ago I had to stay the night. My fan belt snapped as I approached the town's first exit on I-10. Heading back from L.A., and trying to make it back to Houston to watch the Super Bowl with friends, I found myself without a vehicle for a couple of days while waiting for the town's only auto parts store to open. I watched the Super Bowl that year by myself in a Lordsburg motel room.

I didn't stop to see The Thing again on this trip. However, I always enjoy pissing and relaxing at this Arizona rest stop. The rocks see to climb up forever. The east-bound side on the highway displays the most interesting rock formations, but this wall of rock on the west-bound side makes me want to climb up to the top and yell to my fellow travelers below, "I climbed up to the top of this fucking thing!" I don't think they let people do that, so I probably won't.

Don't you love the tunnel on I-10 in Phoenix, Arizona? I wondered what it would look like if I held my camera out the window and snapped a picture as I drove through. Now we know exactly what that looks like.

This is the door to my room in Long Beach. Beautiful, feel free to knock! A new podcast is coming soon, recorded in this very room. Are you ready for another podcast? Then I should probably do that in the next few days.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun party at Reliant Stadium parking lot followed by exceptional Mexican food in Baytown

Some scary shit. The Houston skeletons

The Reliant Stadium parking lot is a good time. 

Okay, it's a really good time. Lots of people cooking chicken, sausage, brisket and steaks, in addition to drinking lots of beer. Loud music, hot chicks, freaks in costumes.

Sounds like a fantastic afternoon, right? Yeah, a lot of fun. I wandered around for several hours in Oakland Raiders gear. I looked fantastic!

The local football team inside the stadium didn't seem like it had its shit together, but those folks know how to throw a hell of a party outside. A guy in the parking lot offered me a ticket for $50, but that was about $50 more than I had planned on spending to get inside the building. I looked at all the people in costumes and all the hot chicks wandering around and thought to myself, We've got to find some place downtown to hang out for a while because I absolutely refuse to ask any of these people for food or beer. I'm will not ask strangers for sustenance or alcohol. I just ain't gonna do that.

I should have brought some food and drinks, but I didn't know what to expect. This was my first time to tailgate at Reliant.

I took a train ride downtown and found a little place called Molly's Pub on Main Street where I watched the local team's second string quarterback throw a pick six. Same song, second and third verse. I sat there wondering how we had gone so wrong. How had we lost the Oilers? How we had become such a mediocre football squad at best? How had we become a team that has more interceptions than touchdowns and has to settle for Vanilla Ice concerts at halftime?

Good sign. Good decision.
Maybe the organization simply needs to start making good decisions. I've discovered that when things are really fucked up in life you can usually trace the problem to a series of bad decisions made by people not qualified to make those kinds of decisions. Maybe the local football team is suffering from a series of bad decisions that just make them, well, mediocre at best.

After the Texans gave their best effort against the St. Louis Rams, we drove to Baytown, Texas. In Baytown we had Mexican food at one of my favorites here, El Toro. The perfect ending to a fantastic day.

If you're ever bored on a Sunday morning and the local football team happens to be in town, get some friends together and go hang out in the parking lot. There's a lot to see and do, and no matter what is happening inside the big building next to the Astrodome, you can have a fantastic afternoon as long as you bring some chow and drinks.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is it possible the Princess is not in Houston?

The mystery deepens as this billboard goes up on busy Highway 59 in Houston, Texas. Could the Princess we've all waited for be outside the Houston area, just waiting to fly in when the time is right? I have no idea, but we can all look forward to November. Let's see what happens! (Click to enlarge photo.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let me guess, the "M" stands for "Morons"?

This head-scratcher stands next door to a Walgreens on busy Garth Road in Baytown, Texas. Additionally, everyone passing over a bridge that spans from the Houston area to Baytown looks at this shit in another location.

Let me preface these remarks by telling you that my criticism here is not directed toward the talented physicians there or the Methodist Church, which I assume is still in some way affiliated with this hospital. The clueless marketing and public relations department definitely doesn't consult with Jesus before they make decisions, and these remarks are directed toward them.

The group of second-rate professional communicators that came up with this confusing, silly marketing campaign was the same group of clowns that told me I "wasn't a good fit for the team," right before I was let go in 2006.

If the best professional communicator on your staff isn't a good fit for your team, what does that say about your team?

Your team sucks. Seriously.

Here's what the organization's own vice president (an honest, God-fearing man that obviously had his head pulled out of his ass) had to say:

I was told by two different journalists covering health during that period that I was "the best public relations person in the Texas Medical Center."

I didn't even seek out employment there. They created a position and called me, presumably because of the quality of my work at Baylor College of Medicine. There I earned three professional awards in a two-year period.

While employed at this particular hospital system, I received an unsolicited call from someone with the City of Houston that felt I'd make a good candidate for a vice president position at Houston Metro.

The difference between practicing medicine and leading it is making good decisions, and trust me, you folks sent the wrong person out the back door. It's time my blog reflected that. You no-count fruitloops couldn't lead your ass out of a paper bag.

Morons. Leading Medicine.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A trip to Baybrook Mall prepares me for several fun hours at the ballpark

Just a little reminder that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will visit Minute Maid Park this weekend to prove that it's a whole new ballgame out there in downtown Houston, Texas.

This will be my first trip to Minute Maid Park this season (although I do watch on TV occasionally). I made a short trip to Baybrook Mall this morning to ensure I'm appropriately dressed for a major league ballgame. I'm proud to wear officially licensed gear!

With the Astros switching to the American League this season, we don't get to see the Dodgers at the ballpark as often as we might have in the past (or as often as we'd like).

The Angels proved to me during a visit to L.A. in June that they can provide an extremely entertaining few hours when they put their minds to it, so I'm counting on them to do that again. I truly do enjoy a good baseball game, and the fans in Houston are some of the best anywhere. They have to be. Look at what they've had to put up with.

 Although I can't be sure which game I'll attend right now, I'll tweet and let you know when I'm heading out to the ballpark. I look forward to seeing y'all out there.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I bought this camera on ebay today for all of you, and a fun preacher video

John Tyler owns this camera now.
You need new content on a regular basis if you're expected to enjoy this blog. I understand that. Therefore, I purchased a new camera today on because my other digital camera went on the fritz.

I have to take pictures of what I experience every once in a while or my blog readers will become despondent or frustrated, wondering what is going on in my life.

I'll use this fancy eight megapixel camera to place images on the blog. Keep checking for updates.

Big changes could be on their way in my life! I've been watching another one of those TV preachers on the Internet, and he's really a lot of fun. Let's go dancing with this guy for sure!

Anyway, I bought a camera on ebay, and I just wanted to let you to know that. Pictures to follow.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pasadena High School looking forward to another great school year

I worked for this school district during college, helping fill the Pasadena Citizen newspaper with stories and photographs about the work being done on the district's campuses.

I saw this sign recently and drove by again today so I could take a photo.

Wishing everyone at P.I.S.D. a fantastic school year. Go Eagles!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Understanding the "Great memories" on John Tyler's Twitter page

For those of you new to the blog or my Twitter page, I wanted to take a moment today to sit down and explain some things to you.

First off, thank you very much for following me on Twitter. My Twitter page has grown by tens of thousands of followers in the last year. I appreciate you. You are the best Twitter followers ever!

If you've paid attention to my Twitter recently, you've undoubtedly noticed I'm posting a variety of videos labeled "Great memories." These are videos I've seen over the years that have encouraged me or kept me focused on growing this online endeavor. No one video should be seen as a completely literal interpretation of my situation or search for the Princess. However, some of them do a pretty amazing job of describing my recent or past experiences.

If you find yourself confused or not sure what I'm trying to communicate by any one video, you may be missing the larger point. Other than the fact that this is just a really good idea, I decided to post these videos from time to time on my Twitter for two primary reasons.

First, this is the only way for me to honor and thank artists right now for purposefully or inadvertently keeping me focused, or drawing much needed attention to what I share online. The search for a Princess that goes on this long can get difficult at times.

Many of these videos still amaze me to this day, and as long as I watch them and say "Wow!" or "Incredible!", I'll keep posting them here. I'll keep an eye out for new stuff as well.

Secondly, I needed to showcase this content in one location, documenting continued growth and stimulating further growth. These artists worked hard to create enjoyable content that amazes, so why not have one central location that pulls it all together and displays it for people all around the world to see?

Another important point is that you shouldn't use any one video for Princess prognostication. Princess prognosticators try to determine who I am thinking about when I speak directly to my Princess on the Internet. If you think you know who I daydream about every day based on any one video I post online, you're probably missing the point. This is about artistic expression. And growth. Hopefully she is out there somewhere, thinking of me as well. You should probably wait until I'm dating someone to determine who she is. Until then, don't guess or you might be wrong!

Having said that, I would be remiss if I didn't tell my sweet, beautiful Princess how wonderful she is! You are so beautiful!!

Please stick around and continue to enjoy the content. If you see something online that I should post, simply email me at john @

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The drive to Los Angeles, including The Thing in Arizona! (photos included)

Sonora, Texas, is a wonderful place to fill the gas tank and purchase a soda or cup of coffee at the convenience store. There isn't much in Sonora, I don't think, but they do have friendly people and great rooms. I hear the steaks are pretty good, as well. I may have to stop in again some time and eat some that of that beef!

The first heavy rain of the journey occurred as I approached El Paso. I love rain on a long journey. You just slow down a little bit to stay safe, and enjoy the change in scenery. Gray and dreary can actually be beautiful at times. El Paso is a very nice town.

This is one of the best billboard marketing campaigns I've encountered on a road trip. The Thing in Arizona teases with many mysterious billboards over hundreds of miles of highway. Stop there to eat or shop, and take the $1 tour. They have some really cool stuff, and they have The Thing. Seriously, what is that damn thing?

Here's the store from the outside...

This is an example of the stuff featured in the museum. They display real relics from the past, many of which had me wondering about their actual value. Some of the stuff should probably be in the Smithsonian or some place like that. The two old, crotchety looking fruitcakes pictured here add a lot to this display of a 1937 Rolls Royce, thought to have been used by Adolf Hitler.

Mystery of the Desert. What is it? Looks like a dead corpse to me, but you might have other thoughts.

Here's a close up of the The Thing's face. Freaky.

I took this photo somewhere in Texas. Much of the stretch of highway between San Antonio and El Paso looks just like this. Hours and hours of asphalt and desert. The drive from Houston to southern California is one I've undertook many times over the years. This is a road trip I thoroughly enjoy. The drive seemed quicker and more enjoyable this time than ever before.  I reckon I'll drive this stretch of highway, either westbound or eastbound, many times in the future. Miles and miles of smiles!

I'm now in the Los Angeles area, relaxing in a room just east of the city. Keep an eye on my Twitter for updates. Have a good one!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heading west to California tomorrow

I'm looking forward to a drive to California, starting tomorrow morning. I hope you'll join me on my adventure, featured exclusively here on the blog and on my Twitter account.

Photos, colorful details and an assortment of the silly shit I often say will post intermittently. The plan is to leave the Houston area early tomorrow morning and stop somewhere near El Paso or Las Cruces, New Mexico, in the evening. I'll drive the rest of the way to Los Angeles the second day.

I've already gassed up the vehicle and put a new can of freon in the AC unit, so I'm ready to roll.

If I find employment there in the next week (and I mean any kind of employment), this could be a one-way trip. If you know anyone with a business in the L.A.-area that is looking for help right now, please send an email to my gmail account (johntyler827 at I'll come by for a visit, ready to start work the next day if needed. Seriously, I'll happily take any position you have available.

Other than that, I'm going to concentrate on having a good time and relaxing. Unfortunately, the Dodgers are out of town next week, but the Angels are at home against the Mariners. I might have to mosey on over to the ballpark.

See y'all soon.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Other interesting thoughts (with photos)

This is a photo of one of the places where I've enjoyed watching sporting events recently. I think y'all will enjoy the place as well. This location is on Garth Road at I-10 in Baytown, Texas. Waitstaff is excellent, and since they kept the volume turned down recently I could really enjoy Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals without listening to announcers.

The drummer man plays drums at his church. This is a gift the church gave him for his volunteer work. I snapped a photo because I thought drummer man looked pretty cool, and that was a very nice gesture. Robot God.

This is an autographed picture of a girl that hangs on the wall of the room I sleep in every day right now. I've always enjoyed the surprised look on her face. I wonder what she's so surprised about? Probably that she's hanging on the wall of the room I'm sleeping in every day right now.

Here's a great little Mexican food place I wanted to recommend to you. I don't remember the name, but this restaurant is on Bandera Road in San Antonio somewhere between Loop 410 and I-10. Those enchiladas were delicious, and I practically needed an interpreter to order. A real Mexico experience, right here in the United States! Look for the red pepper in front, and you've arrived at the right place. #GoSpursGo

Monday, May 6, 2013

John Tyler's Twitter continues to grow and impress, possibly becomes model for organizations to emulate

The growth of my Twitter page in the past year has convinced me that I have yet another extremely marketable skill set.

I've developed a strategy for growing a Twitter presence that seems to work consistently and continually. As of today, I've grown my Twitter following to nearly 137,000 without any press or TV appearances to promote the page. I imagine some people might wonder how I did that (and how they can replicate that for themselves or their business).

When you couple that with the proven track record of success I've had in developing award-winning press releases and obtaining media placements (click here for examples), maybe it's time for me to have some business cards printed. Just a thought.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mr. Normal, and other things from this evening

I thought you might enjoy some photos of what I'm experiencing this evening.

This is a picture of Mister Normal. He "declares the solvency of underwear." He likes the lump in mine. I'm kidding. His only feature film appearance so far is "Austin High." That fits. He's from Austin.

This is what I'm watching on the television tonight. I'd enjoy licking her underarms.  Her smile is so pretty. I don't want to watch any more basketball tonight. I just want to watch her do acrobatics. Princess thoughts.

Here's a picture of the highfalutin coffee I drank all day, and I'll drink tomorrow as well. This is Cafe Molido, the best grocery store brand coffee on the market today. That would go great with a big bowl of Parade brand corn flakes. Looking forward to the morning.

This is a picture of a drawer in the kitchen. There is a piece of tape, colored red, on the drawer. Mark of danger. This is a reminder to only open the drawer gingerly, I think. I don't get in that drawer (unless I need a spoon or fork).

This is what the kitty looks like tonight. Possessed kitty cat. She hisses at the other cat. She's a sweet cat, though.

Y'all have a good night. Bed time.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photo of my hernia

I simply love waiting! I know we all enjoy waiting, and waiting is actually a good thing. But, when my hernia now looks like a small orange at times, shouldn't we make bringing the fair (and inevitable) end to my situation a priority?

This is, in fact, a photo of my underwear. My hand is not wrapped around my balls or penis. My hand is wrapped around the hernia that I first blogged about in 2011.  I initially noticed the hernia in 2009, so I've lived with this bullshit for about four years.

What the hell are we waiting for?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Important things

I wanted to show you some photos of what I'm experiencing this evening.

This is what I had for dinner. Elegant flavor. Delicious.

 Here is my friend's kitty cat. He got a bath today and seems happy now that he's no longer wet.

Here's the pizza that arrived this evening. I decided to have the Parade brand corn flakes instead of pizza, but the pizza looks good. I may grab a slice.

This is a ticket to a Peter Murphy show in San Antonio on Monday night. I hope to make it there, but I'm in Houston right now so we'll have to see.

Much of this will disappear by tomorrow morning. Half of it has already disappeared, and I'm quite happy about that.

This is what I'm watching on television right now. The Brooklyn basketball team appears to be much better than the Bulls from Chicago.

 Please keep an eye on my Twitter feed for more information or updates.