Saturday, April 20, 2013

Important things

I wanted to show you some photos of what I'm experiencing this evening.

This is what I had for dinner. Elegant flavor. Delicious.

 Here is my friend's kitty cat. He got a bath today and seems happy now that he's no longer wet.

Here's the pizza that arrived this evening. I decided to have the Parade brand corn flakes instead of pizza, but the pizza looks good. I may grab a slice.

This is a ticket to a Peter Murphy show in San Antonio on Monday night. I hope to make it there, but I'm in Houston right now so we'll have to see.

Much of this will disappear by tomorrow morning. Half of it has already disappeared, and I'm quite happy about that.

This is what I'm watching on television right now. The Brooklyn basketball team appears to be much better than the Bulls from Chicago.

 Please keep an eye on my Twitter feed for more information or updates.

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