Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mr. Normal, and other things from this evening

I thought you might enjoy some photos of what I'm experiencing this evening.

This is a picture of Mister Normal. He "declares the solvency of underwear." He likes the lump in mine. I'm kidding. His only feature film appearance so far is "Austin High." That fits. He's from Austin.

This is what I'm watching on the television tonight. I'd enjoy licking her underarms.  Her smile is so pretty. I don't want to watch any more basketball tonight. I just want to watch her do acrobatics. Princess thoughts.

Here's a picture of the highfalutin coffee I drank all day, and I'll drink tomorrow as well. This is Cafe Molido, the best grocery store brand coffee on the market today. That would go great with a big bowl of Parade brand corn flakes. Looking forward to the morning.

This is a picture of a drawer in the kitchen. There is a piece of tape, colored red, on the drawer. Mark of danger. This is a reminder to only open the drawer gingerly, I think. I don't get in that drawer (unless I need a spoon or fork).

This is what the kitty looks like tonight. Possessed kitty cat. She hisses at the other cat. She's a sweet cat, though.

Y'all have a good night. Bed time.

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