Sunday, June 16, 2013

The drive to Los Angeles, including The Thing in Arizona! (photos included)

Sonora, Texas, is a wonderful place to fill the gas tank and purchase a soda or cup of coffee at the convenience store. There isn't much in Sonora, I don't think, but they do have friendly people and great rooms. I hear the steaks are pretty good, as well. I may have to stop in again some time and eat some that of that beef!

The first heavy rain of the journey occurred as I approached El Paso. I love rain on a long journey. You just slow down a little bit to stay safe, and enjoy the change in scenery. Gray and dreary can actually be beautiful at times. El Paso is a very nice town.

This is one of the best billboard marketing campaigns I've encountered on a road trip. The Thing in Arizona teases with many mysterious billboards over hundreds of miles of highway. Stop there to eat or shop, and take the $1 tour. They have some really cool stuff, and they have The Thing. Seriously, what is that damn thing?

Here's the store from the outside...

This is an example of the stuff featured in the museum. They display real relics from the past, many of which had me wondering about their actual value. Some of the stuff should probably be in the Smithsonian or some place like that. The two old, crotchety looking fruitcakes pictured here add a lot to this display of a 1937 Rolls Royce, thought to have been used by Adolf Hitler.

Mystery of the Desert. What is it? Looks like a dead corpse to me, but you might have other thoughts.

Here's a close up of the The Thing's face. Freaky.

I took this photo somewhere in Texas. Much of the stretch of highway between San Antonio and El Paso looks just like this. Hours and hours of asphalt and desert. The drive from Houston to southern California is one I've undertook many times over the years. This is a road trip I thoroughly enjoy. The drive seemed quicker and more enjoyable this time than ever before.  I reckon I'll drive this stretch of highway, either westbound or eastbound, many times in the future. Miles and miles of smiles!

I'm now in the Los Angeles area, relaxing in a room just east of the city. Keep an eye on my Twitter for updates. Have a good one!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heading west to California tomorrow

I'm looking forward to a drive to California, starting tomorrow morning. I hope you'll join me on my adventure, featured exclusively here on the blog and on my Twitter account.

Photos, colorful details and an assortment of the silly shit I often say will post intermittently. The plan is to leave the Houston area early tomorrow morning and stop somewhere near El Paso or Las Cruces, New Mexico, in the evening. I'll drive the rest of the way to Los Angeles the second day.

I've already gassed up the vehicle and put a new can of freon in the AC unit, so I'm ready to roll.

If I find employment there in the next week (and I mean any kind of employment), this could be a one-way trip. If you know anyone with a business in the L.A.-area that is looking for help right now, please send an email to my gmail account (johntyler827 at I'll come by for a visit, ready to start work the next day if needed. Seriously, I'll happily take any position you have available.

Other than that, I'm going to concentrate on having a good time and relaxing. Unfortunately, the Dodgers are out of town next week, but the Angels are at home against the Mariners. I might have to mosey on over to the ballpark.

See y'all soon.