Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Understanding the "Great memories" on John Tyler's Twitter page

For those of you new to the blog or my Twitter page, I wanted to take a moment today to sit down and explain some things to you.

First off, thank you very much for following me on Twitter. My Twitter page has grown by tens of thousands of followers in the last year. I appreciate you. You are the best Twitter followers ever!

If you've paid attention to my Twitter recently, you've undoubtedly noticed I'm posting a variety of videos labeled "Great memories." These are videos I've seen over the years that have encouraged me or kept me focused on growing this online endeavor. No one video should be seen as a completely literal interpretation of my situation or search for the Princess. However, some of them do a pretty amazing job of describing my recent or past experiences.

If you find yourself confused or not sure what I'm trying to communicate by any one video, you may be missing the larger point. Other than the fact that this is just a really good idea, I decided to post these videos from time to time on my Twitter for two primary reasons.

First, this is the only way for me to honor and thank artists right now for purposefully or inadvertently keeping me focused, or drawing much needed attention to what I share online. The search for a Princess that goes on this long can get difficult at times.

Many of these videos still amaze me to this day, and as long as I watch them and say "Wow!" or "Incredible!", I'll keep posting them here. I'll keep an eye out for new stuff as well.

Secondly, I needed to showcase this content in one location, documenting continued growth and stimulating further growth. These artists worked hard to create enjoyable content that amazes, so why not have one central location that pulls it all together and displays it for people all around the world to see?

Another important point is that you shouldn't use any one video for Princess prognostication. Princess prognosticators try to determine who I am thinking about when I speak directly to my Princess on the Internet. If you think you know who I daydream about every day based on any one video I post online, you're probably missing the point. This is about artistic expression. And growth. Hopefully she is out there somewhere, thinking of me as well. You should probably wait until I'm dating someone to determine who she is. Until then, don't guess or you might be wrong!

Having said that, I would be remiss if I didn't tell my sweet, beautiful Princess how wonderful she is! You are so beautiful!!

Please stick around and continue to enjoy the content. If you see something online that I should post, simply email me at john @ pinnaclecreative.net.