Thursday, September 12, 2013

A trip to Baybrook Mall prepares me for several fun hours at the ballpark

Just a little reminder that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will visit Minute Maid Park this weekend to prove that it's a whole new ballgame out there in downtown Houston, Texas.

This will be my first trip to Minute Maid Park this season (although I do watch on TV occasionally). I made a short trip to Baybrook Mall this morning to ensure I'm appropriately dressed for a major league ballgame. I'm proud to wear officially licensed gear!

With the Astros switching to the American League this season, we don't get to see the Dodgers at the ballpark as often as we might have in the past (or as often as we'd like).

The Angels proved to me during a visit to L.A. in June that they can provide an extremely entertaining few hours when they put their minds to it, so I'm counting on them to do that again. I truly do enjoy a good baseball game, and the fans in Houston are some of the best anywhere. They have to be. Look at what they've had to put up with.

 Although I can't be sure which game I'll attend right now, I'll tweet and let you know when I'm heading out to the ballpark. I look forward to seeing y'all out there.

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