Thursday, October 24, 2013

If you want to know where I am, simply read this post now! Exclusive information!

The journey started in Baytown, Texas, earlier this week. I packed up the Amigo power ride and headed down that familiar stretch of I-10 toward paradise, otherwise known as Southern California.

I'm still without my Princess, so I decided it wouldn't be selfish of me to wander westward on my own. Who knows, someday I could actually get to converse with her and she might say, "Let's go east this time."

The Princess will get to go where she wants, but in her absence the vehicle always seems to roll west. I probably should just stay on the West Coast all the time and save the gas. I type tonight in a clean and comfortable room in Long Beach, California.

I spent one night in El Paso, Texas, at the Montana Motel. El Paso is very cool. I always try to stop there shortly when heading west.  The Montana wasn't a bad place to shower and crash for the evening. I didn't get a chance to pick up one of those chicken sandwiches from a Wendy's near the motel, but I did snap that photo of the sign in the parking lot. Let's keep making fantastic sandwiches and good decisions on the sign.

I imagine the coffee at this truck stop is pretty good, but whether they brew the best coffee anywhere along I-10 is probably up for debate. I snapped the photo below in Lordsburg, New Mexico, a tiny town in the middle of the New Mexico desert. I stopped for gas this time through, but on a previous trip several years ago I had to stay the night. My fan belt snapped as I approached the town's first exit on I-10. Heading back from L.A., and trying to make it back to Houston to watch the Super Bowl with friends, I found myself without a vehicle for a couple of days while waiting for the town's only auto parts store to open. I watched the Super Bowl that year by myself in a Lordsburg motel room.

I didn't stop to see The Thing again on this trip. However, I always enjoy pissing and relaxing at this Arizona rest stop. The rocks see to climb up forever. The east-bound side on the highway displays the most interesting rock formations, but this wall of rock on the west-bound side makes me want to climb up to the top and yell to my fellow travelers below, "I climbed up to the top of this fucking thing!" I don't think they let people do that, so I probably won't.

Don't you love the tunnel on I-10 in Phoenix, Arizona? I wondered what it would look like if I held my camera out the window and snapped a picture as I drove through. Now we know exactly what that looks like.

This is the door to my room in Long Beach. Beautiful, feel free to knock! A new podcast is coming soon, recorded in this very room. Are you ready for another podcast? Then I should probably do that in the next few days.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun party at Reliant Stadium parking lot followed by exceptional Mexican food in Baytown

Some scary shit. The Houston skeletons

The Reliant Stadium parking lot is a good time. 

Okay, it's a really good time. Lots of people cooking chicken, sausage, brisket and steaks, in addition to drinking lots of beer. Loud music, hot chicks, freaks in costumes.

Sounds like a fantastic afternoon, right? Yeah, a lot of fun. I wandered around for several hours in Oakland Raiders gear. I looked fantastic!

The local football team inside the stadium didn't seem like it had its shit together, but those folks know how to throw a hell of a party outside. A guy in the parking lot offered me a ticket for $50, but that was about $50 more than I had planned on spending to get inside the building. I looked at all the people in costumes and all the hot chicks wandering around and thought to myself, We've got to find some place downtown to hang out for a while because I absolutely refuse to ask any of these people for food or beer. I'm will not ask strangers for sustenance or alcohol. I just ain't gonna do that.

I should have brought some food and drinks, but I didn't know what to expect. This was my first time to tailgate at Reliant.

I took a train ride downtown and found a little place called Molly's Pub on Main Street where I watched the local team's second string quarterback throw a pick six. Same song, second and third verse. I sat there wondering how we had gone so wrong. How had we lost the Oilers? How we had become such a mediocre football squad at best? How had we become a team that has more interceptions than touchdowns and has to settle for Vanilla Ice concerts at halftime?

Good sign. Good decision.
Maybe the organization simply needs to start making good decisions. I've discovered that when things are really fucked up in life you can usually trace the problem to a series of bad decisions made by people not qualified to make those kinds of decisions. Maybe the local football team is suffering from a series of bad decisions that just make them, well, mediocre at best.

After the Texans gave their best effort against the St. Louis Rams, we drove to Baytown, Texas. In Baytown we had Mexican food at one of my favorites here, El Toro. The perfect ending to a fantastic day.

If you're ever bored on a Sunday morning and the local football team happens to be in town, get some friends together and go hang out in the parking lot. There's a lot to see and do, and no matter what is happening inside the big building next to the Astrodome, you can have a fantastic afternoon as long as you bring some chow and drinks.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is it possible the Princess is not in Houston?

The mystery deepens as this billboard goes up on busy Highway 59 in Houston, Texas. Could the Princess we've all waited for be outside the Houston area, just waiting to fly in when the time is right? I have no idea, but we can all look forward to November. Let's see what happens! (Click to enlarge photo.)