Tuesday, November 12, 2013

El Toro Mexican Restaurant in Baytown, Texas, sets itself apart with excellence, good decisions

Wisdom. Another good decision.
Every once in a while you encounter a business with rock-solid leadership and enough marketing savvy (and honesty) to appear on this blog or Twitter. I believe in highlighting that type of organization.

El Toro Mexican Restaurant in Baytown, Texas, seems to have a desire to stay on this blog permanently. That's wisdom.

(Please click the photo to enlarge).

I love wisdom, just like Solomon did. I also love excellent Mexican food. I especially love the fajitas! I usually order chicken fajitas, because chicken is leaner and less likely to clog your arteries.

I already shared the best hospital in the world on this blog (you can see those posts here and here).

God forbid I ever have a sick kid, but when an organization displays such an intense commitment to quality decision making in its ad campaigns, you know they'll make fantastic decisions when it comes to the care of your little ones. Children's Hospital of San Antonio keeps the title of world's best hospital.

Quality, manifested by
good decisions.
I want to continue to highlight any business or organization that sets itself apart by good decision making. I love focusing on organizations with a commitment to excellence.

How does excellence manifest itself in an organization? One way is quality decision making. I've learned you can tell a lot about the quality of an organization by the messages it sends to the community.

I really do need to stop in El Toro again for more quality chow, and I'm quite certain I will in the future. Please go there soon and often, and tip the waitstaff well.

These are the kind of folks who deserve your business.

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