Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I voted to turn the Astrodome into additional parking spots

Personally, I don't know anyone that misses activities in the Astrodome as much as I do. We can't watch the Oilers anymore. That's the real tragedy. The Astros, Texans and Rockets have much nicer places to play now.

The George R. Brown already exists.

I went back and forth on this issue for a while. Then I heard homeowners in Houston would pay an average of roughly $7 per month in additional taxes to renovate the facility. Really?

How many of those homeowners will actually ever step into the building? And of those people, how many of them will attend events there numerous times in the coming years?

Many, many people in the city will be asked to pay a monthly fee for a facility they'll never use, when they've already helped to finance better, more modern facilities.

Tear the place down in a respectful, solemn ceremony and ask taxpayers to fund things the city really needs.

The votes are counted tonight. I'm interested to see how many people agreed with me on this one.

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