Sunday, December 22, 2013

Free ticket to a Houston Texans game produces fantastic afternoon, wonderful Oilers memories

If someone offers you free tickets to a Houston Texans game, you definitely want to go. I came in a customer, but I feel like I left a legend! We ate fantastic barbecue in the parking lot, thanks to a Houston lumber company. Then, my dad and I wandered into the stadium for more excitement.

Just look at some of the cool shit that was going on inside the stadium, and at the huge party in the parking lot!

This guy may have one of the coolest girlfriends in the world. Look at what she's wearing! When I finally get my Princess, we're going to play dress-up during our special times. I want to see my girl dressed in a Derrick Dolls outfit. I'm going to get her some "Luv Ya Blue" pom-poms and we're going to have the best of times! I had to take a photo of this couple. Dude, hang on to your girl. Y'all are awesome. I miss the Oilers so much as well.

These folks sat a few rows above me inside the stadium. I find people who dress up at these games the most interesting. This dude's sign indicated that he stole the Texans' season. Somebody obviously did. I saw other folks at the stadium taking photos with this group as well. Hope y'all have fantastic Christmas, Mr. Grinch.

This is where I watched professional football and baseball games growing up in Houston. Do you see the gentleman wearing an Earl Campbell jersey? We can't get over losing the Oilers. It's like losing a first love. I saw Oilers' gear on several occasions today, both inside and outside the stadium. Please demolish that building so we can finally have some closure! Or don't, and we'll forever remember what every Sunday was like in Columbia Blue.

The police used to watch over the people, now they're watching the people. Except in the Reliant Stadium parking lot, where they watch over the people sitting on this elevated platform. I felt so safe and protected, with the police perched above us all.

Here's a photo I took of myself today, sitting in my seat in section 321. I can't wait to catch a game in the Black Hole.

However, the day belonged to Peyton Manning. The man threw a football around like it was pizza dough. Four hundred yards, four touchdown passes and a new NFL record for total touchdown passes in a season. Congrats.

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