Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's get you all caught up with recent developments here

"I'd never want to get out of the bathtub." That was my initial thought when I stared up an this incredible photo on the wall at the recent Super Bowl party I attended in Baytown, Texas. Even though the football game was a bit one-sided, I could always count on this lovely artwork for some fantastic impure thoughts. I'm posting this pic first because I feel the image is eye-catching enough to gain the undivided attention of my traffic exchange readers. (Click any image on this page to enlarge.)

This dude is a trip. I'm going to keep a close eye on this guy, because he's always making weird faces. Y'all ever seen this guy on TV? He makes some of that boring political bullshit on CNN and Fox News interesting at times. He's like the comedy relief. I bet he comes up with some really interesting stuff to say here in the near future. Just a hunch.

The part of the Skinny Puppy show I saw in Houston was excellent (of course). Unfortunately, I was several hours late to the show due to an unusually busy day in the consumer electronics industry. I did arrive in time to see the very end of their set and the entire encore, including this performance of Assimilate. All this talk in the news of the band's music being used in Gitmo to torture prisoners blew up right after S.P. came through town. Ironically, Justin Timberlake music was blared through the speakers at the end of the show as we filed out of the room. Justin Timberlake's music is how you properly torture a room full of goths and industrial music fans.

You know when you arrive at a Super Bowl shindig and see this prominently displayed on the wall, good times are ahead. I probably wiped out about a twelve pack of Bud Light in around four hours. That's a pretty good pace. I have a day off today so I may pick up a six pack of that new Bud Light Platinum later, just because it makes me feel silly, and I can because I'm an adult.

And what's up with all the trains? You get down here in this older part of Baytown, and these chemical plants move a lot of shit around, often. If you drive down Main Street from time to time, you're going to see this frequently. Don't try to beat the trains at the crossing, though. They'll crunch up your car like a tin can.

"His name is Master, Savior, Lion of Judah..." Looks like he's ready for one of those Holy Ghost church services, like we used to attend growing up. He's always worshiping, or looking surprised, or saying something silly. This dude's a real trip.

Those of you that have followed this blog for years realize I gave up on being scared of bitter old women long ago, but my roommate had some scary movies on the TV last night in which this old, scary woman terrorized a group of young adults at a New Jersey campsite. I probably should have gone out instead of sitting on a couch watching slasher films, but there's always another night to see what you all are up to elsewhere.

Let's concentrate on pleasant thoughts, shall we? I'm learning that is what we have to do in life. Concentrate on the good stuff, and ignore all the nasty, negative shit that tries to tear us down. This lovely girl in a Super Bowl commercial reminds us of that as she drinks soda pop. Whatever is good. Whatever is lovely. Let's think on those things. I read that somewhere and it makes sense. Until next time, sweet dreams.