Friday, April 18, 2014

Using your platform to inspire is a good decision

Right below the El Toro Mexican Restaurant billboard in La Porte, Texas, stands the signage of yet another business committed to sending the right messages to the community.

Incidentally, I graduated from high school in La Porte, Texas, years ago.

Can you imagine the joy of using your platform (or signage) to encourage a community to inspire others? Precision Auto Repair doesn't have to imagine. They've placed that encouragement in plain sight as everyone drives past on busy Highway 146.

Let's continue to highlight those businesses that set themself apart with integrity and good decision-making. Have you seen signage I should post? Simply email a photo to john (at)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's all good (with photos)

Of course. Houston's Second Baptist Church has posted this sign at its location on Interstate 10. I also saw the same sign yesterday at the church's location on Voss in Houston. I'm proud of these people.

Don't you love my new Twitter background? I gave a British graphic artist the freedom to come up with whatever he felt would be a good update for my page. I'm very happy with what he created, and I thank him. Keep up the fantastic work!