Friday, April 10, 2015

Elegance, in photos

I thought you might enjoy some photographs of the cheap motel I'm currently staying in as I wait for my new adventure to begin. Don't let the low cost fool you. There is elegance here.

Here's the sign that greets travelers on Interstate 45 in Houston, Texas. Please drive carefully today, for the rain has made the roadways slick and potentially dangerous.

Guess which room I'm staying in. I have two words for you: clean and comfortable.

This wall is accented by soft lighting and free of lipstick or any other markings. A lone piece of artwork featuring a cactus in the desert is reminiscent of something travelers might commonly see on a journey through West Texas or New Mexico.

Surprisingly comfortable, and a fantastic place to lay your head. The plastic snowflake adds a touch of mystery to the room. Is it snowing in here?

Another touch of elegance. Pink flowers in a vase stir feelings of love and warmth. They stand firm and strong, despite the apparent snowfall across the room.

I imagine important conversations could take place here. Deals negotiated and finalized. Long-time friends reuniting and catching up on days gone by. Or just a comfy place to sit and throw back some beers.

I shower in this room. There really is nothing else I want to say about this photograph, because I go to the potty here.

Think of how many people have walked up and down these stairs over the years. This is the route I take some mornings to join the coffee pot in the lobby. The cups are small, but refills are free.

Colorful, but not really the most nutritious choices. A similar machine in the other building distributes Pop Tarts, which I've been known to break down and purchase occasionally during previous stays here.

There's a storm brewing outside today. This is a view from my balcony, looking north on Interstate 45 in Houston, Texas. Drive carefully.

I hope you've enjoyed taking a few minutes to visit me here on the blog today. I'll talk to you again soon.

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