Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Great Memories returns from hiatus this evening as Great Future

Some may have worried we were looking back too often, getting stuck in the past.

They were mistaken.

They forgot to take into account that every worthwhile accomplishment, whether it's the creation of a new work of art, the construction of a new building or bridge, or even the conceptualization and design of a new model of automobile, leans upon previous lessons learned and victories achieved in the past.

The past is important. That's why you're required to take history classes in order to graduate from almost any level of education.

Getting stuck in the past would be a horrible reality. Although in many respects our past was fantastic and worthy of a revisit, we want to look forward to a great future. Many great things happened in our past, but those realities simply prepared us for something even more amazing.

Great future.

I like the way that sounds. Building upon both previous victories and lessons learned, we now look forward to our great future.

We're not stuck in the past. Our past prepared us. Our past propels us. Our past cannot be ignored or buried because critics and oppressors are uncomfortable and talk shit.

Our past, and our great memories, is simply a precursor to the future we await. So, please keep an eye on Twitter for the reemergence of what probably should have never disappeared or ended in the first place.

Congrats, world. Great Memories is now Great Future. And it starts almost immediately.