Saturday, December 2, 2017

Latest Direct TV ad an entertaining break from current slew of boring commercials, CNN is weird

In a time when most advertising firms don't produce the same quality of messaging we once saw on television, the new Direct TV commercial featuring the woman pouring a pot of hot coffee in her lap and the "thumbs up train lady" is a welcomed 30 seconds.

Incredibly silly, and entertaining as a result, the commercial made this Xfinity customer actually think about switching for a moment or two. However, switching is so much trouble. That requires someone coming over to install new equipment (and me having to drive up to the Xfinity office to return electronics), and then I have to learn a whole new cable system. And where would I put the dish? It's easier just to stay with my current cable provider. All I have to do is pay a bill once a month and the channels stay on my TV. I get all this incredible content for only $123 a month. I feel spoiled.

That doesn't make the commercial any less effective or entertaining. I actually thought about switching. That's a big first step for Direct TV. I hope the company's ad agency will continue to produce funny stuff for us to watch.

Speaking of incredible content, I was watching CNN today when they seemed to report that Russia is saying the current hoopla over Flynn is really about someone purchasing a bag of weed. That's a little confusing, but all this Russia news is quite confusing at times.

I'm glad both Xfinity and Direct TV carry CNN so we can see all the weird news about Russia and the sorted cast of characters who wander through the newsroom from time to time. Please keep us entertained (and informed), CNN.

If you have any job openings in that big building on Sunset Boulevard, I can start anytime after the first of the year. I hear there is a little bar across the street that Morrissey used to wander into occasionally. That might be a cool place to enjoy a cerveza after work sometime.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rams game in Los Angeles lots of fun, Goldie given to local family

I'm writing the first draft of this post on my telephone in the air between Los Angeles and Houston (in airplane mode, of course) to best utilize this time.

The trip to L.A. to catch a Rams game was a lot of fun. When I purchased the ticket at the start of the season, I anticipated a much more evenly matched game. Since that time, key Texans players Watson, Watt and Mercilus were unavailable due to injury, and Cushing is gone because he worked out too hard (again).

This gave us the game we had Sunday. The Rams did what the Rams do, and I assume the Texans had fans looking forward to next season. Although the first half was slower than many had anticipated, during the second half I found myself jumping from my seat often while clapping ferociously.

I think the overall experience of attending Rams games will improve greatly once the new stadium is opened. I like the Coliseum, and historic sports venues in general, but it always seemed more like a college stadium than a NFL stadium to me. I hope the NFL doesn't end up regretting the decision to move two franchises, almost simultaneously, to a city that has let teams get away on several occasions. L.A. definitely needs and deserves a NFL team, but will fans there sufficiently support two of them while St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland do without? Solution: Fill the stadium.

I was a little surprised at how many Texans fans were in Los Angeles for the game. They were all over the place, both at the game and tailgating in the parking lots. I don't know if I can ever remember attending a professional football game in which so many of the opposing team's fans were attendance. They were even in my hotel.

I closed out the day with something that I recommend everyone experience at least one time in their life: a ride through Inglewood after dark on a Los Angeles city bus.

I could have taken an Uber or taxi, but why would I want to miss this incomparable glimpse into a cross-section of American life? Not only that, you cover a lot of terrain for only $1.75.

The Hilton hotel was fantastic. They receive a top rating of "10". They not only took good care of me, they also housed Goldie safely as she awaited her move to a new Los Angeles area household. Fans of Goldie can rest assured knowing she went to a good home (her new family pictured at top of post).

Don't tell the Princess this, but when I purchased the Goldie bear in that photo, I purchased a second Goldie for her as well. I will keep the other Goldie stored until we get together.

I'm not sure where the next adverture takes me, but that is certainly something I'd like to start thinking about.

Whose house? Sleepy Man's House. This guy perfectly illustrates how ready we were for the second half of football. He did wake up later, just in time to see the Rams kick the Texans can all over the place.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I viewed three Stanley Kubrick films on big screen this year thanks to Alamo Drafthouse

The screening of The Shining concluded a year-long celebration of Stanley Kubrick films at Alamo Drafthouse last night in Katy, Texas. The crowd, the largest of these films that I've attended, was described as a "packed house" by the Alamo representative who greeted us before the film began.

Although the room looked nearly sold out, the seat directly to my right stayed open in case the Princess wanted to join us at any point. Maybe a movie about a deranged killer chasing his wife and child around a hotel with an ax isn't the best pick for a potential first evening out together, but this is a Stanley Kubrick movie so that makes it okay.

A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey screened earlier this year at the same facility. I missed Full Metal Jacket due to travel the day the picture screened.

This particular filmmaker's movies, in addition to being some the best ever produced, are experience-driven and best viewed in that environment. Big screen, big crowd. His use of lighting, his unique screenshots and compositions, along with the bizarre and at times edgy subject matter and characters just seem more alive and real at the theater.

Also, knowing how these films were made makes them interesting to watch. The way Kubrick worked with actors, at times making them do multiple takes for seemingly mundane or perfunctory scenes, brought out the best in the performances. For example, the scene in The Shining in which Danny and Dick Hallorann sit together alone and talk about "shining" in the hotel kitchen (seen above) was reportedly filmed more times than any other scene in movie-making history. Kubrick made them do that simple scene more than 140 times.

Prior to this wonderful opportunity afforded to us by Alamo Drafthouse, I had only seen one of the man's pictures in a theater. That occurred the night Eyes Wide Shut opened in 1999 at the Hollywood Theater in Pasadena, Texas.

Unfortunately, EWS was the last film he directed before his death, so we won't have new one to enjoy in the future. Thanks to Alamo Drafthouse for this opportunity to see these movies as the director intended.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Media availability: Lame, deceptive Houston media gets last chance to interview me tonight

For those in the Houston media lying to your viewership or readership, day after day after day, that I will be joining your cesspool of deceit, you have one last chance to interview me tonight.

This interview can either be for employment or a story you should have been working on for years. After tonight, I will ignore any phone call from a news organization in Houston.

Please join me at Home Plate Bar and Grill, across the street from Enron Field, during Game 4 of the World Series. You can ask me any question you'd like to ask, or inquire how I'd like to work with abusive, deceptive bullies everyday.

Again, this is your very last chance to sit down with me. I am the most hard-headed person you know when I'm right about something. You can either ask the questions you need to ask or make your offer this evening.

An interview at a bar during the World Series may seem like a strange time and place for this type of thing, but basically leading people to believe that I'm joining you without any contact or offer in place is equally as strange. Especially from a profession that people count on every day for accuracy and truthful presentation of the facts.

You will stop misleading to the people you are entrusted to inform, at least when it pertains to me.

If you are a member of the Los Angeles media, I will accept any fair offer for any position in your organization that provides a livable wage, and I can start work as early as Monday, Nov. 4. Call me anytime.

And Go Dodgers!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Preparing for a November visit to the home of the Los Angeles Rams

My second trip to Los Angeles this year is in November to attend the NFL's week 10 meeting of the Rams and Houston Texans at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

This is only the second NFL game I've attended at that venue over the years. While stationed in Barstow in the 1990s, I saw a preseason game between the Los Angeles Raiders and Houston Oilers. I drove out there with a fellow Marine to see the Trojans play a time or two as well.

I'm flying this time and staying near LAX with tickets booked earlier this afternoon. I got an incredible deal on Travelocity. I ran a search for a round-trip flight and the top result said something like, "Book your hotel now and we'll give you 100% off the cost of this flight." I ended up with two nights at the Hilton and round-trip airfare for $407 (including taxes and fees). I wasn't going to beat that deal anywhere else so I smashed the buy button immediately.

Goldie, the official Super Bowl 50 host committee teddy bear, is going to give occasional updates on my Twitter account as we prepare for the game. In a nostalgic mood, she insisted on wearing an old Los Angeles Raiders t-shirt with her morning coffee today. You can see a photo on my Twitter feed by clicking here.

I'll give the bear to a fan at the game, probably in the parking lot so I don't have to carry it in. I'll ask if the youngster's parents will let me take a picture of Goldie with the child to share with you.

Follow me on Twitter to keep up with all the fun and excitement.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Suggested listening for new readers of this blog

I posted Rebecca St. James' Wait for Me on my Twitter account today. That got me thinking about the origins of this blog.

I began blogging in 2005. Initially called John is Waiting for His Princess, I thought this blog might represent a unique way to pursue a potential wife who may or may not be accessible to me at the present time.

Once I started on Twitter, I found that the videos I post would often draw attention to the blog or podcast, while furthering the whole concept of seeking love and marriage.

I first started reaching out to potential wives on the Internet in 2005.

While there might have been artists who contributed before then, there is one album that I consider the most important of that time period, an album I credit with really kicking this thing off.

That album is Australian native Rebecca St. James' release entitled If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something. If you are a frequent reader this blog or if you find what I post on Twitter interesting, this record is a required listen. After its release that year, the album fascinated me and truly got me thinking the way I do about using music as a means to attract a bride or tell a story.

One little secret for Rebecca: Those roses you received on Valentine's Day during this tour with Ephesians 3:20 on the card were in fact from me. I thought afterwards that I probably should have put my name on the card as well.

I think very few people realize that I don't consider Los Angeles or New York (or any place overseas) as the launching point of most of this stuff I post. For the most part, this idea for a blog caught on with me because of contributions from Nashville, Tennessee, and my stubborn instance (or faith) that the woman you see on that album cover was going to be my wife someday.

It sure was fun believing that at the time.

Always love and respect here for Rebecca, her husband and her family.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The old Tower Theater on Westheimer now selling a tasty melted cheese sauce called 'queso'

The lovely lady said it was "time for some queso." I drove by this historic location in the Montrose area of Houston today and those words echoed in my head.

It's time for some queso, and probably some delicious flank steak wrapped in tortillas with grilled onions and bell peppers, smothered in a spicy red sauce. That sounds like a good time.

So much history in that building. Long before you could chow down on some tasty Tex-Mex, that place was the Tower Theater, one of the smaller live music venues in the area in the 1980s. The first time Stryper ever played Houston as the Yellow and Black Attack in '84 or '85, they played in that building. Opened in the 1930s, it's been a movie theater, a nightclub, and years later you could rent movies in the place after they turned it into a Hollywood Video.

Now, it looks like a pretty good place for some queso. And a Watermelon Breeze, whatever that is.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My mind is as blank as a fart, but I'm sitting down to write on my blog anyway

Blogging has been more difficult lately because finding topics in my seemingly mundane life can be a challenge.

However, you should probably know that I have extended my lease for a third year in Houston at the Gardens. Running off to another city, or rendering myself difficult to locate, is probably not a good idea right now. I want my angel to know where I'm at so she stays at peace. This way she always knows she has access to me if she needs me. The time to move will come eventually.

However, when finding topics to blog on I noticed that my life has fallen into a routine that isn't really conducive to a lot of writing, and that's okay. I'm enjoying this part of the journey for the most part.

While watching a David Lynch film the other night I thought the guy pictured above perfectly described how my mind often feels when I sit down to catch you up on recent developments. I like to blog during periods of activity, or when I moving around from one place to another. Maybe the future will feature more of those times.

Buying and selling online has become a lifestyle for me lately that I have taken to quite well. There is so much stuff around us everyday that people are looking for elsewhere. I've dabbled in several online ventures over the years, but finding tangible products that people want or need at a discount and offering them on the Internet for a profit is the easiest way to generate money without having someone else write you a paycheck. I may work on an eBook someday to help others do this. If you are self-motivated and persistent, it's actually quite a bit of fun.

Who knows how long I'll keep up the excitement, but it sure beats allowing myself to be yoked again by the burden of slavery. Maybe I just haven't found the right slave drivers yet. When I find the leader (or leaders) that fairly account for the unique skills I bring to the table and believe in fairness for all employees, I might decide to put those chains back on.

Until then, anyone need an elegant Lord & Taylor herringbone blazer made with the finest wool known to man? That's really more interesting work anyway, and I have complete control over my schedule. In short, it's a better way to live.

Working from home has been really cool. I usually have plenty of daytime television on while I work on my computer, which is an incredible treat. My favorite right now is the Dr. Phil program, or as I like to call the show, "Our Family's 15 Minutes of Fame for Being Completely Screwed Up." Dr. Phil looks genuinely concerned at times sitting in that chair, but he's laughing at those fruitcakes all the way to the bank. I have no idea how so many people agree to appear on these shows. Maury Povich has a pretty good show in which he gives lie detector tests to guys who are suspected of banging their girlfriend's BFF (among other moral failings). That show is occasionally entertaining, with people jumping around and screaming and hollering at each other.

I need to get more excitement in my life when I'm not working. I wouldn't mind just hanging out with the Princess from time to time. That would sure make things more pleasant. Until then, I'm just going to take some more pictures of clothing items. Does anyone need a pair of Levis 526 Slender Boot Cut jeans? I'm pretty sure I have at least one pair of those.

See you all out in Katy, Texas for the screening of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Princess, I'll pick you up a ticket if you need one. They haven't announced a date yet, but tickets will probably go on sale in the next couple months.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Back in Long Beach this week, relaxing at a familiar place

I was thinking back to the last time I traveled west for a check in at this same Long Beach, California location.

Via blog post, I invited the Princess to knock on door number nine and come in for a visit. You'll now need to knock on door number 12, sweetie.

I planned on recording a podcast here at the time, which I would like to do again during this trip. Pop star Ariana Grande premiered a music video for her song Right There while I was right here. Ariana Grande was strangely in the news again as I drove into town.

A loser built a bomb and took out his anger and frustration on some really dangerous infidels: Eight- to 15-year-old girls. Any nut who thinks God is telling him to blow up a bunch of teenage girls spending their baby sitting money on an Ariana Grande show is clearly tuned in to the wrong frequency.

Speaking of children, this place is situated right next door to what sounds like a day care or elementary school that's on recess a lot. The laughter of children at play and the careful direction of adults put in their charge is heard often throughout the day. Children are our future, sang Whitney Houston. It's wonderful to hear them having such a good time all day long.

I was honored to receive a visit from the Long Beach Fire Department yesterday for a surprise inspection. That visit prompted a new nine volt battery in my room's fire alarm. The last two times I've visited the Los Angeles area the local fire department showed up where I was staying for some type of inspection. About seven or eight of them showed up in Inglewood during my last visit there as well. Safety first.

I once again watched the World Famous Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium last night. Such a wonderful place. They called the evening Korea Night. There did seem to be a lot of Koreans there, including this very talented woman who sang both the Korean and American national anthems. That silly guy who plays a physician on TV read the Dodgers starting line ups and made sexy faces on the jumbo tron later in the game.

The "kiss-cam" wasn't a bunch of pecks on the lips like I've seen over the years at Minute Maid Park. Many of these kisses last night where full-on make out sessions clearly using tongue and designed to show the level of passionate, unbridled love that seems to flow like a mighty rushing stream at Dodger Stadium.

A good time was had by all, except by those who must have a Dodger victory to be happy in life. The Cardinals made the Dodger loss last night look too easy. I trust the Dodgers will step up their game pretty soon with the world champion Cubs coming in town later this week. Below this post is a photo of some cool guys I saw hanging around the Smilin' Man at the ballpark yesterday. There's always a lot of love and joy at the ballpark, along with a bunch of cool people.

I need to get out and visit some other L.A. spots before heading back, but I'll probably just do some relaxing as well.

Unfortunately, I will likely miss the Memorial Day screening of Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket at the Alamo Drafthouse in Katy, Texas. I had previously planned on attending. We'll have to see how I feel after driving all day Monday. Probably worn-out from the road, wanting a shower and sleepy time. I'll try to schedule things better for the Alamo screening of The Shining later this year, making sure I get to view that one on the big screen.

Keep an eye here on my blog and on my Twitter account for updates. I check out of here this weekend to head back toward Houston.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Goldie wants to join us at the feature films

She floats through the cosmos like an alien creature. However, she's not an alien creature. She's Goldie. And she's ready for the nationwide screening of arguably the most important motion picture of our lifetime, April 3.

I'd love to take the Goldie pictured here with me, but people might think I'm silly. I don't need anyone else thinking I'm silly.

Alamo Drafthouse screens 2001: A Space Odyssey across its chain of theaters that night. I look forward to attending in Katy, Texas, the same location I was lucky enough to see Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange on the big screen recently.

I saw 2001 for the first time as a sixth- or seventh-grader in the Houston area, thanks to teacher who obviously understood the importance of the deeper messages in the film. Showing a room full of 11- and 12-year-olds that particular movie is a gutsy and admirable decision by a teacher. Although certainly suitable for an 11-year-old, this is not really a picture that can be fully appreciated (in my opinion) by someone that age.

Show it to the kids anyway. They'll remember and appreciate the gesture when they get older.

Goldie looks lovely in space with lots of colors around her head. Very inspiring. Just like the feature film that has inspired so many other artists over the years.

Most of y'all remember this video, but I'll post it here again for you (from 1992 in Barstow, California).

Goldie would probably enjoying seeing Friday I'm in Love as well, but we're not sure of a release date yet. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

In the meantime, I'm planning to attend this party also.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Dance floor mayhem! European video creator lip synchs to exceptional industrial disco rock

Overseas Youtuber Peanutgirly has outdone herself this time, creating an incredible weirdo disco rocker lip sync video that features one on my favorite bands right now.

I mentioned Eisbrecher in a previous post, but have you really taken the time to check out some of the stuff they are producing? Incredible industrial disco rock!

Some of us have complained that the golden age of industrial music has passed, but please keep in mind that good stuff is still being produced out there (mostly overseas). Uncle Al, Trent and their contemporaries simply paved the way. Take some time to check out some of the new stuff. Incredible!

Take a few moments to listen this evening (seriously, press play on the video), and have a fantastic Friday night.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Will Ice Cube change the lyrics to arguably the NFL's best team anthem?

The NFL's decision to move the Raiders to Las Vegas doesn't really create a conundrum for long-time Black and Silver fan Ice Cube.

I remember thinking for years that someday I'd be a full-fledged Raiders fan.

That's before we found out the World Famous Los Angeles Rams were moving back to California.

How is the rap community in L.A. supposed to respond to all this? You mean they can't wear Raiders gear anymore in music videos and on stage? Someone somewhere must think this is a tragedy.

I guess they're all officially Rams or Chargers fans now.

With this change in location for the Raiders comes what is undoubtedly a difficult situation in regards to using one of the league's best team anthems.

Ice Cube has been incredibly loyal to the Raiders and his home state over the years, so unfortunately this song is most likely retired.

If that is the situation, let's keep that song alive here.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Will P.O.D. change the lyrics to arguably the NFL's best team anthem?

The NFL's decision to move the Chargers to Los Angeles creates a conundrum for San Diego's own P.O.D.

The band wrote and perform what is arguably the league's best team anthem, and it would be a shame to lose such an awesome song that so well represents town and team. Will they change they lyrics as a result?

The members of the band are probably among a large group of fans south of L.A. upset about losing an organization that has been a part of their life and civic pride since childhood.

Ask a Houston Oilers fan what I'm talking about.

L.A. football fans must now decide which team they will support, and San Diego fans have to decide whether to remain loyal despite the change in location.

This band has been incredibly loyal to their hometown over the years, so unfortunately this song is most likely retired.

If that is the situation, let's keep that song alive here.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A 'keeping you updated' blog post

Life continues to go on and on at the Gardens. My efforts of late have been to continue the process of building an online business. I've enjoyed the journey so far, but I'll be much more happy with the overall results once we see growth throughout the year and beyond. It's definitely a marathon, and not a sprint.

The Gardens (my current home) continues to serve as headquarters for myself and Pinnacle Creative.

This has been a pleasant place to live. I think it's a tad funny that we still have a problem around here with folks occasionally driving into walls, or even smashing through metal gates and fences.

If you remember from a previous post, someone smashed through the metal gating in front of these apartments my first week here. Late Saturday night, someone missed their turn into the parking lot by about five feet and smashed into a concrete wall. I hope I'm wrong about this, but my initial thought was that cerveza might be involved.

You never know what might happen around here when the cerveza starts flowing.

My New Year's resolution has created the most drastic lifestyle change I have ever experienced on January 1. My resolutions are rarely like those undertook by most folks you hear about at the beginning of a new year. My resolutions generally involve how I think rather than how I look or my health.

I no longer allow myself to watch live news broadcasts. I used to have the stuff on for hours a day. Every morning, then at 11 a.m for a hour, and then several hours each night. In an effort to start thinking for myself and stop filling my mind with the senseless diatribes of bitter and controlling people, I got all that out of my life. It sure is a lot quieter in here these days. Pandora has been very helpful at times, filling the room with trippy electronic music and industrial disco rock.

Internet radio is pretty cool, because you get introduced to music you might not otherwise get to hear. For example, I've really enjoyed this German band called Eisbrecher recently. I have no idea what the lyrical content is all about. For all I know, they might be singing about beating up your girlfriend with a tennis racket and sniffing glue.

However, it's all in German, so several hours listening to this music still leaves me feeling more upbeat and happy that listing to 15 minutes of Channel 13's torturous manure. Channels 2, 11 and 26 in Houston are a joke as well, so I just eliminated all of it.

I must also turn off all sports talk radio in the car, because I read in an old book once that I am to eliminate the counsel of the wicked from my life. They are demon-possessed bullies with a government license to do so. And I, for one, will not listen to that crap anymore. That's finished.

Speaking of sports, Super Bowl 51 opening night is Monday at Minute Maid Park. We're ready for all the excitement around here. I still haven't decided where I will watch the actual game yet (my ticket to get inside NRG Stadium that evening must have got lost in the mail). I'll keep you posted on where I'll be around town, for both the game and the festivities leading up to the game, on my Twitter feed.

It just feels so good having the Rams back where they belong, and we need to celebrate that in the coming weeks. I look forward to rubbing shoulders with fans of the Patriots and Falcons in town. There might even be some Houston Texans fans out and about around the city. This is really an Oilers town, but you do occasionally run into one of those Texans fans.

I'll also see some of you at the feature films. Alamo Drafthouse has obtained the rights to screen four Stanley Kubick films this year. A Clockwork Orange starts the festivities on Feb. 21. The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Full Metal Jacket will follow throughout 2017. This is finally a chance to see these films on the big screen as intended.

I need to record a new podcast at some point to catch you all up on various topics and talk to my future wife as well. She's so beautiful and sweet, it makes me crazy.

You can stay up to date by following me on Twitter.