Friday, February 24, 2017

Dance floor mayhem! European video creator lip synchs to exceptional industrial disco rock

Overseas Youtuber Peanutgirly has outdone herself this time, creating an incredible weirdo disco rocker lip sync video that features one on my favorite bands right now.

I mentioned Eisbrecher in a previous post, but have you really taken the time to check out some of the stuff they are producing? Incredible industrial disco rock!

Some of us have complained that the golden age of industrial music has passed, but please keep in mind that good stuff is still being produced out there (mostly overseas). Uncle Al, Trent and their contemporaries simply paved the way. Take some time to check out some of the new stuff. Incredible!

Take a few moments to listen this evening (seriously, press play on the video), and have a fantastic Friday night.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Will Ice Cube change the lyrics to arguably the NFL's best team anthem?

The NFL's decision to move the Raiders to Las Vegas doesn't really create a conundrum for long-time Black and Silver fan Ice Cube.

I remember thinking for years that someday I'd be a full-fledged Raiders fan.

That's before we found out the World Famous Los Angeles Rams were moving back to California.

How is the rap community in L.A. supposed to respond to all this? You mean they can't wear Raiders gear anymore in music videos and on stage? Someone somewhere must think this is a tragedy.

I guess they're all officially Rams or Chargers fans now.

With this change in location for the Raiders comes what is undoubtedly a difficult situation in regards to using one of the league's best team anthems.

Ice Cube has been incredibly loyal to the Raiders and his home state over the years, so unfortunately this song is most likely retired.

If that is the situation, let's keep that song alive here.