Saturday, October 28, 2017

Media availability: Lame, deceptive Houston media gets last chance to interview me tonight

For those in the Houston media lying to your viewership or readership, day after day after day, that I will be joining your cesspool of deceit, you have one last chance to interview me tonight.

This interview can either be for employment or a story you should have been working on for years. After tonight, I will ignore any phone call from a news organization in Houston.

Please join me at Home Plate Bar and Grill, across the street from Enron Field, during Game 4 of the World Series. You can ask me any question you'd like to ask, or inquire how I'd like to work with abusive, deceptive bullies everyday.

Again, this is your very last chance to sit down with me. I am the most hard-headed person you know when I'm right about something. You can either ask the questions you need to ask or make your offer this evening.

An interview at a bar during the World Series may seem like a strange time and place for this type of thing, but basically leading people to believe that I'm joining you without any contact or offer in place is equally as strange. Especially from a profession that people count on every day for accuracy and truthful presentation of the facts.

You will stop misleading to the people you are entrusted to inform, at least when it pertains to me.

If you are a member of the Los Angeles media, I will accept any fair offer for any position in your organization that provides a livable wage, and I can start work as early as Monday, Nov. 4. Call me anytime.

And Go Dodgers!