Saturday, December 2, 2017

Latest Direct TV ad an entertaining break from current slew of boring commercials, CNN is weird

In a time when most advertising firms don't produce the same quality of messaging we once saw on television, the new Direct TV commercial featuring the woman pouring a pot of hot coffee in her lap and the "thumbs up train lady" is a welcomed 30 seconds.

Incredibly silly, and entertaining as a result, the commercial made this Xfinity customer actually think about switching for a moment or two. However, switching is so much trouble. That requires someone coming over to install new equipment (and me having to drive up to the Xfinity office to return electronics), and then I have to learn a whole new cable system. And where would I put the dish? It's easier just to stay with my current cable provider. All I have to do is pay a bill once a month and the channels stay on my TV. I get all this incredible content for only $123 a month. I feel spoiled.

That doesn't make the commercial any less effective or entertaining. I actually thought about switching. That's a big first step for Direct TV. I hope the company's ad agency will continue to produce funny stuff for us to watch.

Speaking of incredible content, I was watching CNN today when they seemed to report that Russia is saying the current hoopla over Flynn is really about someone purchasing a bag of weed. That's a little confusing, but all this Russia news is quite confusing at times.

I'm glad both Xfinity and Direct TV carry CNN so we can see all the weird news about Russia and the sorted cast of characters who wander through the newsroom from time to time. Please keep us entertained (and informed), CNN.

If you have any job openings in that big building on Sunset Boulevard, I can start anytime after the first of the year. I hear there is a little bar across the street that Morrissey used to wander into occasionally. That might be a cool place to enjoy a cerveza after work sometime.