Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The next journey begins: Several days in Washington D.C. start tomorrow morning

I'm looking forward to jumping on some airplanes early tomorrow that will take me from Houston Hobby to Love Field and then on to Reagan National for several days of fun in our nation's capitol.

There I'll see the sights, immerse myself in the history of this great nation, and shack up for several days near Andrews Air Force Base. I always enjoy hanging out in the vicinity of our nation's warriors.

The World Famous Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Washington Nationals Friday Night. I'll park my rear in the outfield for Baseball Night in America. Frank in La Puente, or "Big Bad Frank" as I affectionately like to call him, shipped me a brand new shirt for the event. I think I deposited nearly $11 in his Paypal account for that gorgeous shirt. A fantastic product shipped very fast. Thank you.

I haven't visited Washington D.C. since the early 2000s when I attended some meetings at the Smithsonian commemorating the completion of the human genome. I got around town a little bit back then, but this time I've made a list of places I'd enjoying seeing while in Washington.

Here's where you might have a chance to say "hello" between now and Saturday (other than the ballpark):

1) The White House - This is where President Donald Trump and his wife currently live. When I visited last time, there was a construction project underway that prohibited walking up to the fence line. I'll take a better look this time.

2) The Capitol Building - I have cable news on frequently during the day and there seem to be numerous important people who do interviews in that building, sometimes saying some pretty interesting things. I've also noticed statues that would probably be cool to take a look at if time permits. I'd love to walk into the room where the president gives the State of the Union address, but that looks like the sort of place that might only be open to visitors at specific times.

3) The National Mall - I took a long walk and saw all of that during my last visit, but it's definitely worth another lap around the pool. The statue of President Lincoln sitting on that huge chair is spectacular. I may wander over to see the new (or relatively new) M.L.K monument. That sure was nice of our nation's leaders to give him his own statue and memorial in D.C., but I would have voted to put a smile on his face. He doesn't look very happy.

4) National Archives Museum

5) Washington National Cathedral

6) National Gallery of Art

7) The concrete steps in Georgetown that Father Karras tumbles down at the end of The Exorcist, and the house the MacNeil's rented at 3600 Prospect. One of my favorite scary movies of all time, and one of the most iconic and memorable shooting locations in film history.

For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the place I saw President Obama and Vice President Biden have lunch near the White House years ago on the news. I made a mental note to eat at that location during a visit in the future, as they said the restaurant is a prominent fixture in the White House area. I may have to grab my Big, Fat Everything Burger somewhere else in the city, because I neglected to write down the name of the place and nothing I see online rings a bell. However, I imagine there are plenty of places to grab some tasty chow in that town.

Maybe I'll just bring a Papa John's pizza back to my swanky room and enjoy it with some of that garlic sauce. On second though, I really don't care for that garlic sauce much. Possibly a Big, Fat Everything Pizza without the garlic sauce will do just fine if I can't find the burger place.

I hope to see y'all around town.

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