Friday, May 18, 2018

Yesterday in Washington D.C., in photos

If you plan to visit Washington D.C. this week, don't forget your umbrella.

I didn't have one for the first hour or so walking around outside downtown yesterday morning, and I was quite wet. Thankfully a nice man approached me outside the National Archives with several he had on sale for $5. It was going to be a long day without that.

It turned out to be a long day, even with the umbrella, but I had a good time seeing the sights. The National Archives is a stop I recommend to anyone visiting here. The actual Constitution of the United States is on display inside that building. I was fascinated with all those historical documents. Two uniformed guards stand on either side of the Constitution in a dimly lit room (presumably to keep the documents from fading or discoloring over time). There's no photo here because photography inside the building is prohibited.

I've often disagreed with people over the years who say the U.S. Constitution is God-inspired or that the writers penned those words under the unction of a higher power, but there is undoubtedly something special and unique about that document. I really enjoyed that museum.

Here are some photos from today:

A really cool-looking building, but you have to stand in line behind what looks like a thousand school kids to get inside (in the rain). I decided to take a look at the exterior of the building and and walk to some of the other sites. Who knows, I may get another chance to go inside sometime in the future.

The Washington Monument is tall, but not quite as tall as the San Jacinto Monument in Deer Park, the birthplace of Texas. Unfortunately, this monument is under construction and I was unable to go inside and take an exciting ride in a glass elevator (like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). They need to fix this place because looking out from those windows on top would be fantastic. Just imagine how much you could see from up there!

The Lincoln Memorial is spectacular, and many people were there wanting to see him seated on that big chair. He did such a good job freeing the slaves and being an all-around fantastic president. Incidentally, the National Archives has the Emancipation Proclamation persevered there for you to view, hand-written by President Lincoln.

By the time I made it to the White House in the afternoon, I had walked many miles and was very wet. However, seeing the place in person after years of views on the television and books is quite awe-inspiring.

Two women stopped me by the monument and asked if I knew where the scene in Forrest Gump had been filmed. At first I didn't know what they were talking about, but I do seem to remember Forrest Gump standing here at one point. I stood here long enough to shoot this photo before venturing out to find the Jefferson and M.L.K. memorials, which I saw on a sign but never actually located during my walk.

I had planned on visiting this site on Friday (today), but because my phone battery died I didn't have GPS and was driving out of downtown Washington looking for a freeway sign. I ended up in Georgetown by accident, and pulled into an Exxon gas station to ask for directions. I looked up and there they were! I didn't have battery power to take a photo, so I'm borrowing someone else's picture. These iconic steps from The Exorcist actually end on M Street, practically in a gas station parking lot. Best spooky movie of all time? Quite possibly.

Tonight I'll visit Nationals Park to see the Dodgers and Nationals play for Baseball Night in America. If you are wondering whether Baseball America in America really exists, it does really exist. I saw it on my Twitter page.

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