Sunday, November 4, 2018

A message to U.S. government: DO NOT abolish ICE, it makes us feel more silly

There's been talk recently about the possibility of our government making a decision that would seriously damage this country and our quality of life. Some people, it seems, want to abolish ICE.

That would be a huge mistake. ICE makes us feel much more silly, and represents a refreshing way to conclude a week or even to watch football games on Sunday afternoon.

We will not stand for any misguided decision in Washington D.C. that affects our ability to pick up a six-pack of ICE tallboys at the convenience store. Anyone unfortunate enough to vote for the abolishment of ICE will certainly lose the next election and be forced to go home and get a real job or start a business.

I know what you're thinking. With all these strong ideas, why doesn't John get involved with politics? I don't get involved with politics for the same reason I don't purchase Kindergarten Cop on Blu-ray. It sucks. I won't involve myself in any pursuit, or any expenditure of time or money, that sucks. That's why I'm not afraid to spend $6.48 on ICE tallboys from time to time. ICE doesn't suck, and it makes us feel quite silly.

On another subject, I just wanted to let y'all know that the move to San Antonio has been a positive one for a number of reasons. Such a wonderful place with wonderful people. I'm completely alone here, but really, wasn't I completely alone over the last decade or so in Houston? There are great places for me to shop for elegant clothes to resell on the Internet, less traffic on the roads, and I feel happier here.

I've been waiting on this great weather to visit some of the usual San Antonio sites following my move here, so I finally visited the River Walk and the Alamo this weekend -- although I'd obviously seen those places previously.

I visited Numbers in Houston for Halloween, but now it is time to find places in San Antonio to hang out in. The Houston chapter of the story is now closed. The Princess, if by chance she was in the Houston area, has a door she will need to knock on in San Antonio for that continue. I won't hold my breath, but I will accept that everything in life that doesn't happen doesn't happen for a reason. Maybe I'm ugly or undesirable. Maybe I have nothing to offer. I'll take a good look in the mirror and try to figure all this out. Maybe I'm not meant to marry (and I'm finally okay with that). Whatever the reason is, I'm here now and gratefully so. I am staying in San Antonio.

Best wishes, mighty ICE warriors, and the best of luck to all of you.