Monday, April 15, 2019

I drove over The Great Bridge in Long Beach, and I'm back in San Antonio preparing for Fiesta

I neglected to tell you that I drove over The Great Bridge - also known as the Vincent Thomas Bridge - several times during my recent trip to California.

I actually visited San Pedro, the community across from Long Beach over this bridge, hoping to find a filming location for the William Friedkin film To Live and Die in L.A.

IMDB lists many filming locations in the Los Angeles area for that movie. The one address I really wanted to see, unfortunately, was not listed there. I'm referring to the property the Secret Service informant lives in, with the fantastic view of that bridge from her window.

It's hard to tell from this photo if the property is on the San Pedro or Long Beach side of the bridge. I've always really liked that movie. It's sort if cool to see how these areas have changed (or stayed the same) years after they served as a filming location.

I arrived back home early this week to find San Antonio just beginning its Fiesta celebration. This is considered one of the city's premier festivals, taking place every year over a period of a couple weeks. There are numerous events all over town to choose from during that time. This is my first Fiesta as a resident here.

I've decided on attending an event called A Night in Old San Antonio, because I really wanted to find something hosted downtown. One of the really cool things about San Antonio is that some of the best places to visit are either in or near the downtown area. I'm looking forward to heading out there April 25 to see what all the Fiesta excitement is all about.

I'm also heading to the Houston area later this month to attend an event my dad has helped organize the past few years, the San Leon Oyster Fest on April 27. I may spend much of the weekend in the area, which would likely put me at Numbers that Friday night.

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